Have you every wished you had a quick and easy way to get over the pain and upsets that occur through your life? EFT Tapping can quickly and safely relieve pain, anxiety, fear and painful emotions while helping you gain deeper insight into problem areas in your life. You can let go of unhelpful behaviors easily and comfortably by uncovering the root cause.  This is a practical workshop where you will have lots of opportunities to practice EFT tapping for yourself and in the group as well as gaining a thorough understanding of the EFT process. When you know why you are doing what you’re doing, it all seems easier and makes more sense doesn’t it?

This workshop is open to everyone interested in learning how to take better care of themselves. (It is also an AAMET certified Level 1 Practitioner Training for those who would like to explore becoming an EFT Practitioner.) Your $195 fee includes tuition, follow-up, morning tea and a complementary reference manual. Get in quick and register 30 days before the workshop and benefit from the earlybird discount. Find out more or register here