Join Liz Hart for a practical and fun workshop where you can discover an easy way of helping yourself and others feel better faster.  As a gifted intuitive practitioner and teacher, Liz draws on her extensive experience and broad client base to share with you insights into EFT Tapping – a fascinating technique which uses your instinctive comfort points and follows your spontaneous flow of attention to release all kinds of limitations. Tapping helps you connect with your own inner wisdom so you have your own GPS for life.

Liz Hart’s EFT workshops run on 15 February, 14 March and 23 May 2015, 9am-4.30pm

During this informative workshop you’ll have the opportunity to experience EFT tapping first hand.  Learn how to quickly and easily release stuck thoughts, feelings and experiences so you can experience spontaneous physical, emotional and spiritual improvements to your wellbeing. This course introduces all the basic techniques needed to begin enjoying the benefits using EFT tapping for yourself. It’s useful to know that everyone can learn to do or receive this kind of healing, and it’s far easier than you may think.

This is an accredited AAMET Level 1 workshop with EFT Master Trainer and Practitioner Liz Hart. Liz has been using EFT tapping with clients for 14 years and is recognized as the leading accredited training provider in NZ. Liz delivers with humour and warmth creating an enjoyable and exciting learning opportunity that just might change your life.

EFT is now the fastest growing trend in life change strategies and personally used by many successful leaders in transformational strategies including Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series), Louise Hays (author of You can Heal your Life) Dr Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief author) and Dr Joe Mercola (

“I’ve been a client of Liz for many years. She is highly intuitive and works extremely closely, providing, me the client, high awareness of the subject under scrutiny, very fast and with great results. Her experience and in-depth knowledge of her practice allows me to recommend her with confidence, not only to my friends but strangers as well.” – Cally Stockdale, Nelson

“Liz is amazing and worth every cent spent Tapping Into Freedom. Liz helps you discover how you can easily use your energy system to create greater emotional freedom for yourself. She gently enables you to release old stuck thoughts and emotional & behavioral patterns so you can live more spontaneously and freely. What could you be/do/have without your limiting beliefs? See Liz and she will help you.” – Jill Henderson, Festival of Dreams

“I have no hesitation in recommending Liz Hart as an Energy modality practitioner and teacher, from having experienced her work in both individual and group settings. She has taught numerous EFT practitioners in New Zealand and is an extraordinary combination of sure-fire intuition and skilful practicality. All with a sprinkling of sparkling yet gentle humor.” – Murray Stentiford, Auckland, Independent Education Management Professional

It’s useful to know that everyone can learn to do or receive this kind of healing, and it’s far easier than you may think. If you’d like to explore and expand your abilities and interests perhaps this workshop comes at just the right time for you. Liz would love to hear from you so contact her if you’re interested! All enquiries welcome. Register here

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