By Anna Chirchikova

Thyroid illnesses are being discovered at ever increasing numbers. Things can start to go wrong when your thyroid is under- or over-active. If it’s sluggish, it produces too little thyroid hormones, and when its amped-up it produces too much.Thyroid_problem

Why is adequate thyroid hormone so important? Every single cell, muscle, and organ in the body depends on adequate thyroid hormone levels for optimal functioning. For example , the respiratory enzymes of cells are thyroid-dependent. When thyroid function is low, cellular oxygen is low (cellular hypoxia).

Thyroid hormone acts as the body’s major metabolic regulator. In a low thyroid state the inadequate amounts of thyroid hormones cannot meet the body’s metabolic demands and metabolic rate is therefore reduced. That, in turn, causing decrease in calories burning rate at rest, leading to weight gain. In a hyperthyroid state, the thyroid gland is releasing excess amounts of thyroid hormone that results in an elevated metabolic rate that speeds up heart rate, increases calories burning rate and weight loss.

There are some symptoms you might experience and feel that something is not right, but a visit to the GP and a blood test is not detecting any abnormalities. According to Sir Dr. R.I. Bayliss, an endocrinologist for the British Royal Family – “A Thyroid blood tests are not accurate in determining the thyroid function. Only 18% of Thyroid hormone can be found in the blood, while 75% can be found in the muscles, skin, and brain. The only way to determine thyroid disease is from reflexes and symptoms.”

So the chances of detecting Thyroid disorders in the blood are low, as it is not comprehensive enough. However, Thyroflex assessment has a 98% chance of detecting these diseases. The Thyroflex tests the muscles, skin and neurotransmitters, the end result of thyroid function.

In Thyroflex testing we utilise symptoms questionnaire, measure speed of the reflexes and resting metabolic rate. Once the test has been completed, we can determine whether you are hypo, hyper, or Euthyroid (normal thyroid function).

The treatment plan can be prescribed according to the test result.

When tested adequately for thyroid hormones, anyone can realise their best health wellness capabilities. Check out this Thyroid Symptom Survey to see how well your Thyroid is functioning.

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