Relax your body, Ease your heart and Focus your mind with TRE

Do you regularly feel tense, hassled, anxious or irritable? Does your body ache and you find it hard to sleep at night?

Are you interested in learning an easy, natural and cost effective way to relax your body, ease your heart and focus your mind that you can do at home by yourself that brings ongoing relief for these problems?

TRE provides great relief for

  • Hassled busy parents (and their kids!)
  • Stressed desk bound workers
  • Insomniacs
  • Physically active people who stretch their limits
  • Chronic pain, stress and anxiety sufferers
  • Those recovering from mental, emotional or physical trauma and PTSD

Regularly using TRE bring many benefits, including deep relaxation and release from muscle tension, so often there is an improvement for insomniacs. Anxiety and mental tensions are reduced and mental clarity and focus improves, so work performance is enhanced and relationships are easier.

For those with trauma they struggle to talk about, TRE can begin to gently whittle away associated tension patterns in the body providing great relief. It’s a great addition to talk therapies as it goes deeply into the body where trauma is held and gently and safely releases it.

And once you learn TRE, you can practice by yourself at home so there are usually no ongoing cost for you.

What is TRE and What does it do?

Have you ever noticed someone (you?) shaking like a leaf or their knees knocking after a big shock or bad fright, when feeling really nervous or even when extremely excited and joyful? This shaking (called neurogenic tremors) is your nervous system’s natural way of letting go of excessive tension by tightening and relaxing your muscles to calm your body down from an over excited state. When we hold onto this excessive tension it’s difficult to relax our bodies, we feel emotionally tense or anxious and can find it hard to focus or think clearly and all this impacts on our sleep patterns.

TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises) is an easy to learn stretching routine you do 2-3 time per week to fit your schedule that induces a natural body shaking to release stored muscle tension. The process can be tailored to your needs by an experienced practitioner to keep you comfortable and can be used by most people at any age or stage of fitness.

How you learn:

May include a brief phone assessment

  • 90 minute 1-1 teaching appointment
  • Brief follow-up phone call to assess progress

How TRE has helped others like you:

Julie, Stressed working mum

“Being a busy working mum I tend to over think every situation and would challenge everything I wasn’t happy with. This caused me to be stressed and anxious, to have heart palpitations and trouble sleeping. I can honestly say TRE has helped me to re-balance my life and helped me cope better with day to day stresses.” 


David Kane, Veteran with Complex PTSD

“I suffer with complex Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and since practicing TRE as a daily routine I have slept so much better with less nightmares, the depression has lifted, I have more patience and less anger.”


Peter Hannigan, Managing Director, Skills Futures Pty Ltd

“I have found TRE is great for releasing tension stored in the body, letting me regain energy and focus. What makes TRE outstanding is that I can use it anywhere without equipment or outside help.”


Hillary, Back Pain

“I was unsure about starting the exercises as I was experiencing acute pain in my sacro-iliac region… I went ahead, carefully. I was amazed at the result – my pain was considerably reduced, and my posture and mood much more at ease and less effortful.”