Terenzo Bozzone is a world champion triathlete who pushes himself to the limits virtually every day.

Terenzo, who has won 5 world titles, discusses with John Coombs what it takes to drive yourself in a sport as tough as iron man whilst retaining outstanding values in the community and managing a healthy family life.

He is an ambassador for Life Education Trust which encourages children to make healthy choices about substances and nutrition, helping to reduce obesity and drug abuse whilst helping them feel comfortable with who they truly are.

Terenzo shares with John Coombs his inspirational success story as a World Champion triathlete

Terenzo talks about the importance of goal-setting and wellbeing for success

Terenzo grew up on the north shore of Auckland and inspires people of all ages with values so important to the welfare of our future both locally and globally.

To find out more about Terenzo visit www.terenzo.com