BioPharma Scientific

SuperFood Supplements with Better Absorption, Purity and Taste

While you work to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it can be overwhelming to maintain the level of intake of fruits, vegetables, protein, vitamins and minerals that you need. Simply put, the average person does not get enough nutrients in their daily diet. That’s where we come in.

At BioPharma Scientific, we provide you with all of the core elements your body needs to support optimal health. We give you the pure essentials from mother nature made simple, easy and effective (and picky eater approved!). Simply stated, we’re here to help keep you healthy every day for lifelong wellness. What are the essentials? Dark leafy greens, omega-3’s, lean protein and minerals (and a few others listed down below).

What Makes These Different From The Rest?

We use a natural science around all of our products to enhance absorption. Our patented SuperSorb® delivery system allows your body to absorb the maximum amount of the nutritional value for better results, guaranteed. Let’s just say our products do all the talking.

In addition, all of our products are non-GMO, organic, and 100% plant based with absolutely zero synthetic ingredients. They are based on new, scientifically-advanced, physician grade formulas with the highest quality ingredients sourced from the cleanest parts of the world.

Where do you start? The essentials from mother nature of course! The Core 4.

Nanogreens, nanoEPA, nanopro, and nanominerals provide the core essentials that every human needs to maintain optimal health. For the price of a latte a day, it’s an wellness store condensed into one easy system. No need for multi-vitamins or other supplements. We have everything you need right here. Just shake it up and go!

In addition to our “Core 4,” we also have few other products (and vegan alternatives too!) to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Please visit Bio Pharma’s website for details about full product range.