In our years of clinical experience nearly two thirds (65%) of the over 5,000 patients We’ve seen suffer sleep issues. This is a major pandemic and people are getting poorer sleep younger which is a concerning trend. The relationship between increasing technology use and poorer sleep is no coincidence. The recent article in the NZ Herald busts some of the common myths around sleep and what is considered normal, and what the scientific medical research actually tells us is normal. Unfortunately 2 completely different things!

And the good news? There are cost effective solutions without using drugs.

We have doctors and naturopaths at GHC that can prescribe the needed supplements and lifestyle corrections that make the difference. We can also AK test you on correct doses for the most common supplements that the science shows actually work. The key ones are Melatonin, L-Tryptophan, 5-HTP, Magnesium and various tailor made Herbal Medicines. We use all of these at Global Health and can very quickly sort out what is going to be most effective in your case.

If you are experiencing issues with your sleep we recommend booking a initial appointment quoting Sleep Session to find out what you personally need to get a good night’s sleep. This consult includes filling out 2 questionnaires emailed to you before the session so we can maximise the benefit to you in the time allotted, and includes testing you on the correct doses of the recommended formulas for your individual situation. we have found that many people don’t actually need to come back after the second follow up (usually 2 weeks later) as the issues are resolved. However more complex or long standing cases may need a third follow up a month after the first to adjust doses and make sure you are getting longer term results. A detailed hand out on Sleep Hygiene is also supplied at the first consult for free.

Click here to read article from the NZ Herald.