At Global Health Clinics we care about women and their health.

We believe that women need to be healthy for the family to thrive. Because mothers are usually at the heart of the family’s welfare it is imperative we provide excellent support for this crucial role. Especially with young families, women need to be resourced both with knowledge of safe and effective care for the whole family, and have the ability to function effectively themselves so that a balanced quality of life is achieved.

We are dedicated to expanding the health of our community by prioritising care of local women.

We believe that women need to be healthy for the family to thrive.

We have a wide range of safe natural care for most of the health needs a woman will require in her life. We specialise in pro-active and preventative care to ensure optimum health and wellbeing; as well as providing programs for boosting immunity, anti-ageing and effective vitality.

At Global Health Clinics, you can obtain:

  • Stress management programmes
  • Life planning advice and coaching
  • Relationships counselling
  • Hormonal and menstrual health care
  • Menopause care
  • Pregnancy and post-partum care
  • Weight management programmes
  • Assessment and support for health conditions

Our Women’s Health practitioners and services:

Liz Hart – offers effective tools to clear the emotional roots of your health problems. While easy to learn and use these strategies are powerful enough to overcome PTSD in war veterans. For more complex problems Liz will gently guide you through the process so you can feel better faster and move on with your life.

Vivienne Berry – Vivienne helps clients prioritise their quality-of-life goals; and helps reprogram our behaviour and attitude with new beliefs and values, to come into alignment to achieve improved health and life outcomes.

Fi Rutland – Foot Reflexology that transports you into a state of grace and relaxation!  Ozone Therapy is beneficial for boosting energy, reducing infections and repairing chronic fatigue.

Valee More – Specialist in Relationships and mental, emotional and physical pain relief.

Vicki Harding – Specializing in balancing emotional and mental welfare.

Maria Evatt – Holistic nutritionist to help you reach your health goals by giving you the tools, guidance and knowledge to achieve optimum health.

Call 09 488 0208 to book with one of our practitioners.