Welcome to one of Auckland’s largest and scientifically most advanced natural health centres, with 15 experienced practitioners offering a wide range of health assessment and treatment options.




From Bioresonance to BodyTalk, Ozone spas to massage, from Naturopathy to Osteopathy, injury treatments to nutritional plans, relationship issues to lifestyle management, you will definitely find something to suit the health and wellbeing needs of yourself and your family.

We know that to deal with illness, one has to address the causes as well as the symptoms. And we understand that health is not just absence of disease. We therefore offer programs – whether you are healthy or have health issues – that care for you on all levels of your being; physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.


We offer you a wide range of questionnaires and assessment tools to assess and analyse recommended Vitamins, Minerals, Hormone rebalancing, Stress Levels, Toxins & Environmental influences and much more.

We offer you an exploration into optimum health, vitality, positive wellbeing and your full human potential. Come and experience what leading-edge 21st century healthcare has to offer.
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Very Pleased with the Hocatt
I look forward to my visits as this is a friendly and welcoming environment.
My condition very much improved and my inflammation has gone. 
My psoriasis type skin condition has lasted about 4 years. My skin was inflamed and cracking with movement and standing was difficult 
Very pleased with the results from the Ozone and Hocatt, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested.
The cost was appropriate.
John loves sharing information. This is very helpful.
I.E Auckland 

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“The Hocatt is Revolutionary
enabling the healing of a dental issue that dentists would solve by extracting my teeth.
Thanks to Global Health I have saved a tooth and I feel more healthy and full of energy 3months on.
Every kiwi needs to learn there is an alternative to the modern dental tradition and you can heal and keep your teeth.
Come to Global Health instead.”
Christopher Le Breton 

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Getting The Best From Ozone
“My PSA levels are right down after my first 10 session program thankyou thankyou
Feeling much better and more confident. My friends with prostate issues are really struggling.”
V. read more

The Amazing Combo Machine
Dear John,
That new combo machine is amazing, genius to combine systems as they do.
Feeling %100 better, after one session from -10 to 0 now working on getting back to 0-10
After 2 sessions really getting back on my feet after years of health issues
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Golf Swing Is Back!!
“Since the Ozone treatment to my neck and shoulders I have been able to move more freely and I can now drive the care for 3 hours with no discomfort.
I feel I have gained about 90% improvement with only one treatment administered.
I am able to swing normally at golf now and feel confident with my game going forward.
Quite an incredible result! Thank you!”
Brian Cressy read more

Hocatt, full of energy 3 months on
“Calm and welcoming experience. You feel relaxed as soon as you walk in the clinic. The clinic is committed to people realising their full health again. I feel more healthy and full of energy 3 months on.”
C. B. Auckland 

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Value For Money.
“Fantastic value for money. Fully explained treatments and fixed my shoulder.
Reception was very helpful and friendly.”
T.M Auckland

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Great Rapport & Atmosphere
“All the practitioners had good rapport with us. Explanation of each situation was clear, wit understanding of what we were after and the problems at hand. The waiting room and atmosphere is relaxing and comforting.
I would totally recommend to any of my friends and family to come and resolve any of their health issues.”
V. S. Christchurch 

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“This clinic has been nothing short of amazing. The facilities are good, waiting room is relaxing and everyone is friendly and welcoming.
Their approach to the cost of treatments has given me peace of mind and I have definitely gained from each session. 
This clinic is worth more than any money can buy!!”
J. B. Christchurch 

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Working With John Coombs
“Very, very helpful, empathetic and intuitive to our situation at hand, to resolve our problems.”
Viv S Palmerston North
 “Helpful, friendly down to earth and informative “
Joan B.Christchurch 

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