John Coombs helps you find smart solutions for your health needs. He helps you plan and implement practical lifestyle programs which lead to long term positive health outcomes. He will help you deal with serious illness or proactive health and wellness.

Book with John for an initial Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis Assessment that provides us detailed information to help guide you towards positive changes to your diet, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle. You will receive an easy to read report by email and a brief printed report with your recommended priorities.

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John especially focuses on mental and emotional stress; anxiety and adrenal fatigue which if left untreated often leads to more serious or chronic conditions, whether physical, mental or emotional.

He works closely with the other specialists at Global Health Clinics helping to guide you in choosing the practitioners most suitable for your current needs.

He will try and ensure your program is practical, stress free and aligned with your budget and agreed timelines.

Brief Bio

John has spent many years researching science especially metaphysics and subtle energy systems, with especial focus on how this influences our health, productivity and creativity. His research includes consciousness, mind body medicine, epigenetics, energy psychology, subtle streams of yoga and morphogenetic outcomes.

John has a deep interest in how consciousness and wise decisions affect performance, including vitality, general health and immunity as well as how this leads to more profound contributions to society.

Biology of Belief, medical biologist Dr Bruce Lipton’s award winning science book, describes epigenetics, the influence of the mind in health and how the environment affects cellular biology. Dr Bruce Lipton’s research and the science of epigenetics influences John’s work at Global Health Clinics as well as many of the health and wellness programs at the clinic.

Features of the Mind Body influence on the cost and effectiveness of wellness

The new science of Epigenetics and Morphogenetics contribute important developments for new cost effective and long term Wellness solutions, especially involving features like intentional placebos. This also applies in reducing the nocebo effect or what was often called pointing the bone.

Independent scientific research shows that people regularly heal using placebo even when they are conscious they are taking a placebo. John helps encourage clients to use their minds creatively for optimal health.

Placebo has been an effective health solution at virtually no cost for more than 30% of the people in research programs. At Global Health Clinics we aim to help a bigger percentage of our clients benefit from this type of positive mind body influence.

Conversely Nocebo or believing you will be unwell has the opposite effect on wellbeing and is a big factor in the degradation of many people’s health. At Global Health Clinics we try to consciously reduce this nocebo effect with good results over recent years.
Medical funds can then be allocated to lifestyle benefits, a wider spectrum of education and for broader environmental benefits, both personally and societally.

Global Health Clinics specialises in integrating the ancient sciences behind Yoga – Ayurveda, Taoist – Chinese Medicine and various forms of early Western medicine with contemporary developments in quantum biology and physics. Mind body and energy medicine has enabled big leaps forward to help you with cost effective practical health care.


The modern field of psycho-neuro-immunology which involves consciously engaging our mind and positive attitudes to improve health outcomes has a major role in future health programs. It is a modern term for practices which schools of yoga have taught over many years. Research demonstrates this has improved both longevity and quality of life for numerous people throughout history.

Stress is recognised in some circles as contributing to up to 80% of disease. If we can manage our lives with reduced stress and also effectively manage our existing stress more constructively we improve our quality of life, our happiness, our relationships and our effective productivity.

John works with the team at Global Health Clinics to coach and facilitate these qualities of health outcomes using combinations of modern evidential science and proven ancient healing systems.

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