To Whom It May Concern

This is a Testimony is being made in respect to my Mother Norma Dale age 74 years old who contracted a virus flue infection in May 2013. This infection progressed to pneumonia with infection to her lower respiratory tract and lung, whereby the lungs were hyper- inflated. my Mother was taking a multiple series of antibiotics of which none seemed to be working. She progressed to a further critical condition requiring hospitalisation treatment.

My Mother also suffered an acute renal failure with a critically low eGFR blood reading of only 10 ml/min/1.73m2 L >90 together with high Haemoglobin reading and high Ferritin reading causing a high level of secondary inflammatory Process and a high Creatinine level thus indicating an immediate requirement for hospitalisation. My Mother was so critical that she was close to dying with a multiple symptom diagnosis.

My Mother was unable to walk and spent everyday confined to bed drifting in and out of consciousness. Coupled together with this critical condition my Mother was suffering very painful lower back pain affecting her ability to walk. I took my Mother after much persuasion to see Doctor Wayne McCarthy who has provided to the writer Ozone Prolo-Therapy treatments in the past.

After my Mother received her first two Prolo-Ozone treatments by IV in the first week my Mother felt an immediate improvement and received a further two treatments in the second week and she felt a further significant improvement. This was followed by one further treatment each week for a total of seven treatments. At the sixth treatment she had a further new blood test count taken and the results of this new reading were showing that all her blood count functions had returned back to within the range of normal levels. After visiting her local GP he was so astounded to see such a remarkable improvement considering her acute critical condition, and he couldn’t believe the new results.

Over those 5 weeks of receiving Ozone IV therapy treatment by Doctor Wayne McCarthy I can absolutely state categorically that Ozone treatments saved my Mothers life. My Mother has received one further Ozone treatment and continues to improve and she does not have any further symptoms of infection or renal impairment.

In respect to her lower back my Mother received from Doctor Wayne McCarthy one treatment of prolo-therapy targeted to specific areas to her lower back joints to repair and effectively heal the damaged joints from years of wear and tear, my Mother immediately felt no further lower back pain and can confirm she has not experienced any further back pain. My Mother is incredibly grateful to Doctor Wayne McCarthy and due to his many years of specialised Ozone medical experience has given back not only my Mothers life but her equality of life so we are both very internally grateful to him and we will continue to visit him periodically for a maintenance follow up consultation.

We would highly recommend anyone who has moderate to serious health conditions or specific health issues to seek a consultation with Doctor Wayne McCarthy as an amazing alternative to receive Ozone prolo-therapy for the best possible well being treatment that one human can provide to another on this planet Earth. Prolo-Therapy repairs injuries and can restore new support and growth to fibre and tissue that heals our injuries to joints and muscle tissue. Ozone treatment is the most natural way to heal and repair naturally our body’s defence’s to provide optimum oxygen level support to all our organs and trigger our body’s immune system to strengthen and seek out to destroy and protect our body’s from pathogens, viruses and infections even hidden conditions including and not excluding the most dangerous being cancers that may be developing without our knowledge in our blood system, all these sickness conditions are preventing and causing our body’s natural ability from enjoying and living a life of optimum Well Being.

I can only hope this message spreads to all parts of New Zealand and all over the world. I understand in particularly the New Zealand’s health and Hospital System are realising that this treatment is proving to be a treatment of natural healing magic which continues to defy traditional medicine treatments.

Blessings to you Doctor Wayne McCarthy, you have truly proved to be a Doctor who has pushed the limits to advance medical knowledge of Ozone treatments to treat the most serious forms of disease. I wish to thank you and on behalf of my Mother Norma sincerely and wish you well in your continued journey of natural medicine.

Kindest Regards

William Thomasen