Benefits of Bio Photonic Light Therapy

  • Feel calmer immediately
  • Reduce stress easily in 10 minutes
  • Feel restoratively rested and blissed
  • Sleep deeply and peacefully
  • Heal faster naturally, improve your wellbeing
  • Re-energise yourself, body and mind
  • Awaken intuition and imagination
  • Activate your brain chemistry
  • Produce naturally healthy hormones
  • Make better lifestyle decisions
  • Take more responsibility for your body and mind

Ajna Lights – Unbelievable, Better Than Chemical Therapy
Bio Photonic Light Therapy is absolutely amazing! It’s the best thing I have done. Unbelievable! It’s better than chemical therapy. It’s keeping me going. Thank you so much.
Long term patient with brain tumour.

– Brent, Auckland February 2016


How it works

  • Lie or sit down and we will safely and simply help you into a deeply relaxed, meditative state.
  • Within ten minutes most people release the major stress in their body.
  • Activate your pineal gland to produce DMT, natural dimethyltryptamine, promoting meditation and bliss.
  • Entrain your brainwaves using safe, programmed flickering light.  
  • Takes you through a series of brainwave states towards deep field, whole body relaxation.
  • Under stress you still respond physiologically to the brainwave entrainment, regardless how busy your mind or life. 
  • Your body recognises these light patterns and automatically releases tension and restores natural bio chemistry.
  • It is thought that these biophotons form a light based communication between all the cells in the body, including bacteria in the gut (which make up 90% of the up to 100 trillion cells in the body). This helps calm the mind and activates gut and head brain harmony.
  • You might experience bliss-enhancing kaleidoscopic colourful visions.

Stimulates your Pineal Gland. Session options: 20 – 60 minutes.

Origins of Bio Photonic Light System

The Bio Photonic Light System activates DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) in the brain.  DMT is similar in structure to serotonin – a chemical linked to happiness and a sense of wellbeing – and one which occurs naturally in the human brain. Usually, this is only naturally released at birth and death, or by people practised at yoga, meditation or deep field relaxation.

The system is developed by Guy Harriman, the son of two British doctors, a psychiatrist and a pathologist, Harriman grew up around frank discussions about the workings of the brain and was routinely taken to his parents’ laboratories. He eventually entered medical school himself but his training left him disillusioned, and despite doing well he eventually dropped out –instead opting to study computing and information technology.

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