Couple Coaching

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Every couple has it’s ups and downs… the question is do they ever learn a way out of what is commonly called the “stuck point”?
Probably not, and instead, they battle their wills against each other, often ruining what started as a great attraction to one another.. throw children into the mix, and you have a VERY stressful life.

It’s not that hard, as the ancient teachings of yesterday suggested, that once a couple gets a third perspective, with what seemed insurmountable, the relationship transforms into possibilities for new understandings and real life changes; often bringing better communication, and ease of being together.

Couple sessions begin with by each person telling their side of the stuck point in the relationship to the Coach, the point where the communication keeps getting wound up in a power struggle; he’s wrong, she’s wrong, if only he’d see it my way, if only she’d see it my way. Coach Delaine Jones will very quickly be able to see where the blind spot is for each person and helps each person identify where they find themselves getting caught up.  Most of the time we feel quite adult but sometimes our significant other can reduce us to feeling very hopeless and powerless. 

Revealing this to the couple, Delaine has a totally energised view of how this can change and help break the spell.
Catching the hidden link to the feeling, then practising a new way of relating can usually always change the dynamic.

A couple can expect a steady relief from the stress of miscommunication, and gain simple new skills along the way that can last their lifetime.

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