Important notice

We are providing an essential health and pharmacy wellbeing service and we are open to continue helping you for appropriate appointments (see below) and collection or despatch of products from our pharmacy. Pharmacy products being collected will be available at the front door step only with no direct contact.

It is especially important for those of you with immunity concerns, stress, fatigue, depression, mental health and anxiety issues or simply those of you who are worried and frightened about the future to continue with your program as best you can and we will attempt to maintain your pharmacy supplies and phone or online appointments.

For clarity We are operating with in house staff John, Vivienne, and Fi who live at the clinic and they are staying in their home bubble. They are available for non contact care or with online appointments by Phone, Skype, Zoom or What’s App.

Cellwellbeing Immunity Assessments and Holistic Wellbeing assessments can still be done on a drive through basis with no direct contact. We are collecting the hair samples in the clinic car park, processing the assessment and emailing the report same day, then doing the non contact appointment by phone or WhatsApp.

The pharmacy products you may require will be couriered or can be collected at the door with no contact required and your nutritional and lifestyle requirements for the next 3 months will be carefully explained. Payments will be Credit Card or Online Banking. 

We are ozonating the clinic and pharmacy regularly to ensure there no airborne pathogens and maintaining strict antiseptic hygiene to neutralise viruses.

All pharmacy orders will continue by phone, email or through our website – product shop section, which is especially important for the immune boosting supplements. We have an excellent range and they are in good stock.

You can maintain a new or much of your existing program during this phase with smart online services and care.

Hester, Maria and Liz are working from home doing phone or online Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp appointments.

Antonio will be back when the restrictions are lifted.

Hair withdrawn outside the clinic in the car park through the car window and report is emailed with the consultation by phone or WhatsApp.

Pharmacy products will be couriered. 

We hope you all get some quality rest during this experience and reflect on the most important issues like the quality of family and community care with love, gratitude, tolerance and respect for each other.

Our love goes out to you and we look forward to seeing you again regularly when this situation settles down.


John Coombs
Wellbeing and Clinic Director