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I’m sitting with Erica Lang who specializes in Bodytalk, welcome Erica.

Thank you John, it’s nice to be here.

Erica you have quite an extensive background in health, would you like to explain to the audience just some of your work in Chinese medicine and counselling?

Yes, I began my healing journey as an acupuncturist in 1991 and found that it is a fantastically intelligent system for treating the body. The Chinese have been working with it for thousands of years and are still unable to make any change because it’s such a complete system. So I have an enormous amount of respect for Chinese medicine and the way it looks at the body.

I had a successful acupuncture clinic, and then I began to become very interested in what were the causes that were bringing the clients to see me – that were bringing their bodies out of balance. So I started to think about this and I then went and did a Counselling / Psychotherapy training which brought a lot more information about the emotional field and looking at past traumatic events that were affecting my clients and the reasons why their bodies were out of balance in the way that they were. And of course I’m really interested in this whole wonderful, mysterious journey of life we are in…. then I began to look at energy medicine. This is a very effective, simple way of looking at the body and so I did various trainings in energy medicine and then in 2006 I came across BodyTalk. I found it to be such a helpful way of treating the body that I decided to do the full training in the BodyTalk modality. So that’s how I mainly treat my clients today, however I have the whole back story of the Chinese medicine, the Counselling and Psychotherapy to look at the whole picture of the client and to see what is bringing the body out of balance and why they are presenting with the particular dis-ease picture.

So the issue of disease for you wouldn’t be to deal with bacteria or anything like that, it would be more to deal with the state of mind; to look at the emotions and to establish where is the imbalance.

Absolutely correct John, as we all know we can be in a room with somebody who has a cold and is sneezing, and maybe there are 5 of us in the room and only one or two people get ill but not everybody, so why are some people more immune to that particular bacteria or virus than others.

So by helping people come to a base of balance their immune system will be stronger?

Absolutely, and the immune system is governed by the limbic brain or the emotional brain so when we have situations of emotional pressure or when we are feeling emotionally uneasy, that very much effects our immune system. Yes, it’s a real key, often a client will come to me presenting with a painful chest infection or a heavy flue and always I’m looking to see what was going on for the

client at the time that they became ill. Because generally what we find is that there has been some stressfull situation – maybe a difficult family situation that has just put their body out of balance and they haven’t been able to resist the bacteria or the virus.

Or it could be something much more serious like cancer.

It could be something much more serious like cancer, that’s right.

So from what you said so far there are two different major benefits to start with, one is to build the immunity so you don’t get sick in the first place, the second is once you are already sick to help build the immunity so you can cope with the disease process more quicker.

That is correct.

Could you explain the main type of people you are dealing with at the moment?

I seem to have a lot of women clients, I feel like I represent perhaps the older Wise Women archetype and I have many younger women who come to me; many of them are mothers – successful mothers who are balancing family and their career – they are endeavoring to do a lot with their lives. For those women, I think I create a very caring atmosphere in the way that I work and for most of us are short on care these days … we need more of the caring substance and this is a big part of the way I work – it’s a very caring supportive atmosphere.

So you are saying there are a lot of working mums ?

Yes, mums who are working part time, they are very conscientious mothers, self-aware and on their journey. They want to parent in a very conscientious way and they are putting themselves under a lot of pressure.

Yes too much is being expecting of the mothers, they try to balance career, relationship, children and have a quality life themselves?

Absolutely, it is actually too much in my opinion.

So, could you just briefly explain how long does the sessions take?

So the first session is when I take a full case history. I’m looking at the whole picture of the client, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. So I am seeing exactly what has happened to the client through their life and I look at all the symptoms that the client is presenting with. Then I do a session so the first session is about an hour and half and subsequent sessions are one hour.

People could come to you very regularly afer that?

Generally we do a block of treatment. The client comes for the first time, I assess the case and the treatment and generally they come maybe for 3 or 4 treatments spaced maybe 2 weeks apart. Then this particular set of symptoms is resolved and the client goes away quite happily and carries on with their life. Generally maybe in about 6 months or so the client comes back with something else which is needing resolu1on, so we may do another 2 or 3 treatments at that time. However, having said that I do have clients who love to come and they just come quite regularly because they love what happens during their sessions and basically how much balance can you have?

This is something we have discussed a number of different times. That is this issue that there is no upper limit on health and so there is not a limit to how well you can be. So a lot of the people you work with long term are already quite well people, but they just looking to improve their quality of life and to improve their outcomes from life.

Yes, exactly and as I said, I have clients who might be on their own journey that are very interested to perhaps be clearing some of the emotional history, some of the traumatic events from their history because all of these things have an impact on the physiology today. Actually what happens is we store these traumatic events as active memories, so they are sitting in the subconscious but they are actually informing the physiology as if it was still happening today. So it’s very important to clear the whole being from these accumulated stresses of everyday life. As we know we live in stressful times, most of us are actually under too much stress, so just like we clean our houses, we wash our bodies, we clean our teeth we also need to clear the whole being from energetic and accumulated stresses.

Yes, so one of the things we do at Global Health Clinics is a whole Multiple Modality program and people work a lot with the moleculular biochemistry level and they would get a range of nutritional supplements that would help regulate their biochemistry but you are over and above that aren’t you? You are working at a more subtle energy level?

Yes I’m working at a more subtle energy level; well for me, l work with the unconsciousness level because when you get to the root cause of why a body is going to out of balance and is presenting a particular illness or disease picture, the symptoms completely disappear. So you can keep treating the body but if you don’t get to the cause of it, no healing will ever be lasting.

With modern life, Alvin Toffler wrote a book called Future Shock and he talked about it’s a race between education and annihilation and you are seeing people and working at that education level in the sense that you are helping people develop a much higher quality of life and much better lifestyle balance.

Yes definitely, I think, my clients experience, quite profound changes in the way that they are relating with their partners, to their children, and with their energy levels. I also have clients who come for help with their professional life, in particular one client of mine who is a highly capable women, she has had her children and then just struggling to come back into the workforce perhaps a loss of confidence and reluctance to re-enter the fast paced working world … so we worked very deeply re-balancing her system and looking at what was holding her back and now she has just completely stepped right out, she has wonderful contracts and she is a happy women.

So it’s actually a very co-creative way to work.

Very co-creative, I feel like I am a guide in the highest sense to my clients. I believe that the healing is their responsibility but I’m here as a guide to help them, and to reflect back to them what they may not able to see about themselves which is maybe impacting their healing and their well-being.

So as an experienced mum you are quite capable of helping women with young children? One of the important areas of health is preconception, so if somebody came to you and said I want to have a baby and I want to get really well before I conceive, would you be effective in helping them to do that?

Yes definitely because basically a family is a system and so we actually carry a lot of our family story from the generations before us and a lot of that family history is also stored in our energy field. Some of that family history is not particularly helpful, it’s not actually what we want to pass on to the generation that is coming and so one of the very important and helpful things to do before a woman conceives is to clear some of the accumulated baggage or unhelpful energy from her energy field. The result is that she will be in a much clearer energetic state to begin a new life.

It would seem like this would be helpful for the father also, would you work with fathers as well if they wanted to?

I definitely work with the father, I mean I did say that I mainly work with women but I also work with men. It’s very important also for the man to clear the old stories from his field because in the same way it’s not so helpful to pass them on to the children.

Yes I know you have done this, we have one particular client you have done that with their second child and one of things I have observed is the second child is much healthier than the first child in terms of low levels of anxiety and much better balance, so it wouldn’t maVer at what stage the parents come in for treatment. So it seems like you are able to deal with the conception and pre-conception and the whole pregnancy issue?

Absolutely and keeping the hormones balanced, keeping all the systems in optimal conditions so that the pregnancy can be enjoyable. Actually with that client you have just mentioned, she was presenting with quite strong morning sickness at the beginning of the pregnancy and very quickly

we brought her into a balance and she was able to resume her normal life and have a fullfilling pregnancy.

So would the work you do with the Bio energetic system also have a positive effect on hormones?

It works on every organ system, meridian system, every system in the whole body mind complex. You can not separate the human being – the emotional, the physical, the mental and the spiritual, there are all completely interlinked. So when a client is presenting with a particular symptom it often has a physical component, an emotional component and a belief system component. That’s why I love BodyTalk because I can work with the whole being, in one modality. You don’t have to go to another practitioner for the emotional work, and then a doctor for the physical work they can all happen in one room.

Do you teach any of this work?

I guess I teach my clients through the transformative work we do in the sessions, but I don’t teach this work as such. I do work with a system of Integral Yoga, which is a series of beautiful exercises that harmonize and enliven the energy system so in a way that is a further extension of what I do.

But much of your work at the moment is through the clinic?

Most of my work is through the clinic that’s right. But I just wanted to add on John we were speaking about mothers with children. I do have quite a few clients in which I see pretty much the whole family. A child is oCen presenting with quite a complex illnesses and you know the children are a part of the family system and they are often actually carrying a lot of the stress that is going on between the mother and the father. And when that is bought into consciousness the systems resolve themselves unbelievably. I had a child who was completely covered in eczema and it’s so distressing for the whole family. She was itchy and scratching since she was born often to the point of drawing blood, waking five or more times in the night with the irritation. The child was around two and a half by the time they came to see me and they had taken the child everywhere to seek help with this issue. And we cleared that – actually aCer the first session there was a really big change and then I continued to work with her for one or two more sessions and that brought such a lot of relief to the whole family system, you can’t imagine how intense it is for a family with a child having such unpleasant health issues.

So something as physical as eczema can be treated using energy medicine.

Absolutely, you can treat anything. I have a lot of clients who came to me with physical symptoms and then we look at what is the emotional counterpart, what are the environmental influences,

what is perhaps the traumatic event that brought this particular physical state into being. Nothing happens in isolation and getting to the cause of the problem is what makes this form of treatment so effective.

I think in terms of disease, we now know that probably at least 80% of our diseases are caused by stress? Because for example, when we have a child with a health issue like this, the whole family is getting stressed about that. If you treat the stress inside the family the quality of the relationships improve.

Absolutely, and as I said, if you make a change in one part of the system that effects the whole system. And a family is a system just like the body is a system.

Einstein said you don’t treat the problem as the same level that you created it. So you are stepping to a high level of energy frequency to heal and help the healing process …


It’s really scientific what you are doing but you don’t approach it as scientific, its more like from the empathy and care perspective.

I approach my healing work in two ways, I feel like I have a very comprehensive training so I have a very clear leftbrain understanding and training in how the Bodymind functions, so I know very well what I am doing and I also have a strongly developed right brain intuitive capacity. So both of those work together to create the healing.

But the client doesn’t need to know all the science, the client can just turn up and through the process of empathy, the bioenergy and the healing system that you are using they walk away with wellness having been enhanced on all levels. So they don’t need to know how it works, just that it does work.

Yes that is true. However I always do give a basic outline to my clients and am completely available for going deeper into ‘the science behind energy medicine’ if my client wishes. I can just say a little bit now, so that you know; “When we are in full health all the cells, all the systems, all the atoms are in constant communication, so communication throughout the bodymind complex is essential for good health. Due to the stresses of every day life, emotional pressures, trauamatic events, environmental pressures, the lines of communication become compromised and illness and disease are generally the result. So with body talk we always looking at reestablish the lines of communication and healthy energetic flows throughout the whole bodymind complex.”

So it sounds like a very effective process?

Yes that’s true and I mean really at the end, if the healing works you just want to go and have more and that’s the beauty of it. I mean it is a very effective treatment and actually very cost-effective, you get a lot of ‘bang for your buck’ you could say.

So how much is the first session?

The first session is $130 and that is for an hour and half, and the subsequent sessions are $95 for one hour.

So that’s very affordable for an average person?

Yes it’s affordable for the average person, a lot of healing can happen in those sessions.

So people who want to get in touch with you, they can phone Global Health Clinics?

Yes they can phone Global Health Clinics or go to the website and book on- line.

So just so I’m clear, you are comfortable with working with people from all stages of life, from the very young to the elderly? I don’t think you have mentioned so far the issue of dealing with mature women, but you are doing quite a lot of work with mature women, and the issue of menopause, peri-menopause. Do you have much experience of dealing with the sort of stress that goes with that?

Yes I do John. I have women clients who are going through menopause and also clients who are post-menopausal. So you know that’s also quite a transition in a womans life, to come into what I call, ‘the wisdom years’, and there can be many issues which come up for women around this transition time. Eg. Who is the woman when she is finished bearing children? It’s another beautiful time and it’s a time to celebrate. It has accompanying health challenges so I do like to work with women who are going through menopause and also are on the other side of it.

I agree with that, just because you are getting old it doesn’t mean you get less well. I think you can get much healthier when you get older.

I completely agree I think that we are in new paradigm now, especially in the way that we are looking at health and healing – specifically that we are not in a process of degeneration from here to the grave. Actually we can change our state of heath from one day to the next, and we do; I witness that miracle every day in my treatment room.

I think that people don’t understand that a miracle is simply an unexplained principles of science, but with science making a big step forward recently we can actually explain miracles very easily and see them happening all the time, don’t we?

That’s right.

So substantial healing can take place very simply these days.

Absolutely it’s just absolutely correct. It can happen from one moment to the next; clients come into my treatment room with a set of symptoms and generally they would be probably be upwards of 60% better before they leave, in one session. That’s quite remarkable if you’ve got a streaming nose, tension in the neck, tightness in the chest, whatever it is, the effect is visible, palpable, feelable and experience-able.

And you have worked with people very seriously ill, haven’t you?

I have worked with people with very serious illnesses; it is not my most favorite area of work, I don’t really have the expertise to accompany people who are transitioning – who are approaching death, it’s not where I choose to work.

But what about recovering clients who have been unwell and maybe going through some chemotherapy or a strong nutritional program, would you be a help for these things?

Yes definitely, I currently work with people who are going through chemotherapy and especially those who seem to be really embracing the changes they need to make so they don’t manifest the same disease picture again. Also accompanying people through chemotherapy and radiation therapy minimizes the toxic side effects of those particular ways of treatment. I work on the emotional level in helping people deal with the stress and anxiety that often surrounds this whole process, and particularly on the physical level with minimising side effects through the chemotherapy process; helping the liver and kidneys to detoxify immediately so chemicals are not settling in the body and causing more illness and disease further down the track which can often be the case.

So to get this clear you can work right across the health spectrum from preconception, right the way through to people who are more seriously unwell. And you can help people who are very well to increase their productivity, improve the quality of their relationships, and improve their quality of life.

Yes that’s right John. I mean I think it would be fair to say that I prefer to work with people who have some degree of self-awareness that their life is a journey, and are taking responsibility for why their system is in a particular pattern of imbalance.

One thing we noticed a lot are the fixed habits and adtudes. We know about addictions from things like coffee, alcohol, drugs and things like that but beliefs can be a habit or an addiction in some ways, can’t they?

Yes it’s correct. OCen our beliefs are unconscious and because they are unconscious we don’t oCen realize that they are actually running the show, so its very important to bring them into conciousness and to flush out the beliefs that are affecting the client’s health and well-being and to help them remove this from out of the nervous system.

So these habits can affect the health of the whole system ?

Yes they affect the whole system through the nervous system because they become Myelinated along the nerve pathways; that’s where the habit is laid down, this is an intelligent process in the body so things can become automatic – we don’t have to think every time we drive a car for example. However these habits become laid into the Myelin Sheath and are affecting us even when we would be better not to have those same habits and beliefs. So to bring them into consciousness helps to move them out of the system and bring health and healing.

So it’s very epigenetic the work you are doing?


And we know that we can change the genetic signature by doing this type of work.


So by changing that you don’t have to go back to the same expression of unhealthy genes.

Exactly, that’s correct.

Is there anything else you would like to say in summary?

I think we covered quite a lot John its been a pleasure talking to you.

Thank you.