Global Health Clinics offers effective personal wellness programs using cutting edge technology with excellent value.

We have practical solutions for you, regardless of your existing health status. We create programs that care for people of all ages and on all levels of wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. For truly effective health benefits, we offer you optimum vitality, positive wellbeing and an exploration into your full human potential.  Treating the cause not just the symptom, we utilise contemporary technology and the latest personalised methods honouring the individuality and greatness of your being.  

Global Ageing Program

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What do you get?
> Smart tailored wellness programs.
Treatments delivered by expert professionals.
> Optimal ageing programs.
> Improvements in energy and immunity.
> Excellent value for money.

How much will it cost?
> Initial assessments or treatment sessions from $95 – $250
> Programmes personalised to suit your budget, time frames and current health status.
> Our hair follicle analysis provides an on-the-spot 25-page written report analysing nutritional and environmental health factors, with recommendations and follow up procedures.
> Payment plans available.

How long will it take?
> You should experience results within the first week and have a clear idea of progress within a month.
> After the first visit you’ll have a plan to expect positive outcomes.
> Optimal wellness will depend on your existing health, financial status and availability to the clinic.


Whether you are healthy and wanting more energy and vitality, or if you have chronic fatigue or serious health concerns, we have the experience and expertise to help.


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“Many thanks for opening my eyes to a new way to take care of our bodies. In the deep recesses of my mind I feel I have already known all this…” “Thank you once again for providing such a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to my recovery programme…” “I wanted to write and tell you that I continue to remain so grateful for your encouragement, caring response and commitment which helped me through an unimaginable time.”

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