What is it good for?

  • For most mechanical (body) pains, such as lower back pain, neck pain, ligament injuries, tendinitis and many more issues with your body.
  • To help against digestive disorders (constipation/diarrhea/bloating/gastric acid, bowel discomfort).
  • To assist the body to enhance its physiology during a diet.
  • To relieve the body’s disturbances after a physical or psychological shock.
  • For wellbeing during pregnancy and early childhood.
  • To help with dizziness/ migraines/ tinnitus/ and more.
  • When you feel down/ stressed/ anxious.
  • For unpleasant sensation of pain or heaviness in the limbs, to improve with lymphatic drainage from the tissues.
  • In a more global way, I take part in a holistic healing team that can help assist you in the best way to achieve your daily wellbeing goals.

About me

I started my education with anatomy classes in Norwalk Community College, Connecticut. Then I graduated my 5 year masters of Osteopathy in France (CEESO Lyon). After that I worked at a holistic medical house for 2 years in France. I am focused on including my manual therapy into a more holistic program, to help people feel better in their body.

How does Osteopathic manipulative therapy work?

It is an art of manual healing that can be used either for preventative or curative purposes. It can be effective on joints, muscles, digestive system and on the visceral area, cranial field, nervous and vascular system. A mobility (or motility) limitation of one of these structures may bring a local disorder, but also disturbance afar. Osteopathic reflection is based on seeking the causes, that are connecting the body structures and disorders .

In a nutshell, this manual therapy is not focused on symptoms directly, but on the causes that generated them.

Flyer about the treatments of Guillaume Lonchanbon