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Dr Wayne McCarthy interviewed by John Coombs on the benefits of Ozone therapy

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Dr Wayne McCarthy discusses Ozone Therapy with John Coombs, director of Global Health Clinics,

Welcome Wayne.

Thanks John, great to be here.

Q. Wayne would you like to describe for our listeners the type of work you are doing at global health clinics?

Ok, I’m a naturopathic doctor and I specialize in Ozone therapy and Prolotherapy, which is proliferant therapy .We are going to start today to talk about Ozone therapy which is a method of saturating the body with oxygen.

Prolotherapy is a treatment helping ligaments and tendons attach to the bone to remedy joint dysfunctions, torn or lax ligaments or ruptured tendons. We will be talking about that a little bit later.  See our article below on prolotherapy.

Q. Thank you. So it seems to me most people can benefit the type of work you are doing?

Yes I think you can probably say that, you know our body is made up about 65% oxygen, we know there’s up to 80% water but we also realize that most of this is oxygen and it’s the most important nutrient in the body required for optimal health.

So from a bio oxidative point of view what is often underlying chronic ill health and sometimes acute conditions, but we are mainly talking about chronic problems, is the respiratory enzymes get toxified according to Dr Otto Walberg and the body doesn’t process oxygen very well so the metabolism is suboptimal. This is behind a lot of bad health especially chronic ill health. So what we do is we saturate the body with oxygen, using ozone and we reinvigorate the whole system.

I think it makes sense when you realize that every step of every chemical reaction in the body requires oxygen. To repeat this every step of every chemical reaction in the body requires oxygen. So when the oxygen levels are sub optimal or low, the chemical reactions in the body don’t go to full completion, and you are not getting a full benefit of what your metabolism is capable of. So when we provide ozone we clear the toxicity out of the respiratory pathways and reinvigorate the bio oxidative system which is the foundation of your life process, your life biology.


Q. So it seems to me, one way or another whether it’s from wear and tear, stress, bad posture, poor breathing, most people will have to deal with this oxidative process in their life.

So what we do is we measure the oxygen saturation in the blood, and we administer ozone and then we test the blood oxygen saturation immediately afterward. And through this we can get a measure of how deficient a person is. For example, most people come in at 97, 98, 99% saturation, and then after an ozone treatment they can stay at that level, they can go up or typically they drop off a little bit. They might come at 99%, I administer ozone, and you might think that your blood oxygen might not go higher but paradoxically it drops because your body takes what it needs first.

When I treat the blood with ozone it up regulates an enzyme on the red cells called DPG, it up regulates that enzyme making more of it and weakens the bonds of hemoglobin/oxygen and the net result being there will be an easier out flow of oxygen from your blood into your body tissues where it’s needed.

So somebody can come in, I can measure the blood at 99%, give them an ozone treatment and sometimes we see the blood drop to even 94 or 93% for only a short period of time but that just gives an indication that the body was very thirsty for oxygen so it’s one way we can measure and then know that the body is actually receiving the ozone.

Q The big factor is there are at least 60 trillion cells in the body and they all need oxygen, don’t they?

Yes they all need it.

Q. So it’s that delivery of oxygen to each of the cells that becomes the difficult aspect.

Yes the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood can be diminished through mercury toxicity or other heavy metals or toxicity in general, pesticides, you know there are so many things that can cause toxicity in our body and whenever this happens it diminishes or decreases our body’s ability to utilize oxygen.  I am naturally biased towards this explanation because I have been doing this work for a long time, more than 25 years and I have seen how it can help improve most conditions and, even when those conditions are being adequately treated theoretically , often the patients are not able to utilize the medicine that has been given, whether a drug medicine or a natural plant medicine.

If the body can’t oxidize strongly then it may not be able to break down these medicines and actually employ them correctly.  So what we know when we get ozone is, it increases the ability to absorb and utilize many other nutrients.

Q And the benefit of this Dr Wayne is for everybody, isn’t it?

Its available for everybody who comes for treatment … and more and more people are researching this on the internet and making an appointment and coming and when I ask them  ‘ how did you hear about this work’  or ‘who referred you?’ a significant portion are now saying “I looked this up on the up on the internet, it made sense to me so here I am”.


Q What I like about your work it’s it actually very simple. It’s not too complicated and you deliver it in a very simple way.

Thank you, it’s pretty simple to understand.

Q So with all your qualifications and they are extensive, it’s probable you are the most highly qualified natural therapist in NZ academically,  you decided that this is the most simple way of helping people.

What happened was I learned about ozone therapy when I was at Medical School in Oregon, one of my fellow students was working with Dr Tersga in Oregon and he was telling me about ozone for a numbers of years.

It’s only when I graduated, finally having completed my studies that I got an ozone generator and started using it because I was working as a primary care doctor in Hawaii and I knew I would be treating tropical illnesses, something he won’t trained very much in Oregon. So I was looking for something that would assist with tropical infections and I found ozone from the first few weeks that I was using it really worked, so I started using it more and more.

I found it very effective, treating tropical infections.


Q So that could correlate with the various infections that people have in New Zealand?

That’s right.  People often come back from developing world countries with parasites, dysentery or bacteria or coughs or other types of infection and Ozone could be a good candidate for treating these.


Q And a country like New Zealand with big milk diet and respiratory infections, you are dealing with people with respiratory infections, is that be true?

Sometimes, it’s not a big part of what I do but yes, ozone can have a particularly benefit for the lungs, so you know asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, bronchitis these kind of things respond very well to ozone therapy.


Q So from what I witnessed about your work Wayne you can divide the type of clients in two sections:  the ones who are wanting optimal performance and the ones with remedial health issues and you bring them back into an average health perspective

Most people come for treatment, when they are sick and suffering, some are very interested in proactive or preventative ways of living, but that wouldn’t be the norm.

People are usually coming with a problem and the people I have seen often have been looking for a solution for their health condition that other things have helped but not really resolved it.  So those are the type of patients I tend to get and we administer the ozone and once you get the bio- oxidation/antioxidation system working correctly,  you definitely see an uplift in energy, uplift in mood, usually improved cognitive functions and for older people an increase in activity of daily living, they can walk further and for longer.


Q The issue of cognitive function is quite interesting because obviously there are a number of different challenges in the world today with dementia and also a lot of people are looking at high performance activities, it may be work or in other areas like research or but they are actually needing to use their brains a lot more than before, so  the improved cognitive functions you talked about can really help people with high stress activity, like lot of responsibility in their work for example.

I think what we find, especially with older people or people under stress, is the blood flow through the brain diminishes somewhat. Whether it’s from atherosclerosis, transient ischemic attack or whatever it might be and the brain is very, very sensitive to its oxygen levels. That’s the primary need, the brain primarily need oxygen and then a close second would be glucose. When we administer oxygen, we know from the studies we get improved perfusion of enriched oxygenated blood through the brain and that can only assist in improving mental abilities.   So, yes, in practice we see improve cognitive ability.


Q So there is really a benefit for people in executive roles or people who need to perform consistently at a high level

They seem to like it. For athletes we know with ozone treatments leading up to competitive events that they have a 5 to 8% endurance advantage, which means it takes them a little bit longer to hit the wall when they are really going for it. And that’s from the increased oxygen delivery to their muscles.


Q So in terms of people, like we talked about executives, school teachers for example are under pressure a lot of the time, same as young mothers. Ozone has very broad perspective, doesn’t it?

Very broad perspective and benefits John, yes.

Q Are you working much with young mothers, have you have done work with them?

I can work with young mothers or pregnant women, not my norm … but yes I do and there are advantages for people in this category from ozone therapy

The only thing contra indicated for use would be hemochromatosis or G6PD Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency; it is an enzyme that allows our blood to process oxygen. So if you are deficient in that, ozone would be a burden for you, much the same way that if you have this Deficiency Vitamin C would be contra indicated, your body just can’t process it.

We check for the G6PD deficiency (also called Favism).  People generally know if they have it. The other contra indication is hemochromatosis, which is excessive iron in the blood; high level of iron with high oxygen you get rust or oxidation

Q Could you explain the type of program you run. Do you see people for set of sessions?

Six treatments is the normal for most conditions, because by the time you get to six treatments people usually got what is called the ozone effect which means the blood oxygen generally is back up to 99% and it’s not dropping immediately after the treatment. So we know that firstly the blood is full of oxygen and also the body tissues are saturated so the blood level stays high and that happens for 99.5% of people that we treat after 6 treatments, so 6 treatments is a norm.

Normally one session a week for 6 weeks.  Or with more urgent conditions we can do 2 or 3 times a week for 2 or 3 weeks. The more chronic conditions, like people suffering from cancer or rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis we usually do 10 sessions

Then the effect is in your body for quite a long time because it’s a metabolic therapy,  it actually corrects and balances in the metabolism, gets the metabolism  working more strongly, so that when we finish the ozone and stop doing the treatment,  that’s when the major benefit is felt, its actually a few weeks or few months after that time.

Q And would you find people come back for a top up after that?

People come back for top up as needed, every 3 months or so.

Q. So just one or two sessions?

Once you had 6 treatments all you need is one generally for most things that people would come in with, like a year later, let’s say.  What we find is that one treatment tends to bring the full ozone effect back.  So once you have done the six, you only really need one to recover that full capacity again.

Q. That is like a maintenance session?

In general

Q And how much does it cost Wayne?

It’s $210 for each treatment, the six treatments are $1260.

Q. So you are able to do a lot of work for that small amount of money compared to the chronic disease environment?

We give very good value for money, because once with an improved metabolism, your metabolism is now working for you 24/7. It’s not like taking a herbal remedy or even a drug that is used up in the body or excreted from the body. Then you need more of it to keep the effect going, not with ozone. With ozone  you do the 6 treatments, you get the metabolism up and running and what you find is, now, when you stop ozone, there is no downsliding or backsliding in general. People don’t report “I felt great having ozone and when I stopped having treatment I felt tired again a couple of weeks later”  because as I said your bio chemistry, your metabolism are operating in a more effective and more optimal rate.

Q. So are you working in a team with other practitioners at Global Health Clinics, are you in a team environment there?

I am and I like that and if you want to know about the things that we do?

Yes please.

We are an alternative clinic. We do alternative methods to most main stream programs. A system I like is the Biofield view scans which are a modern vision of Kirlian photography. It shows the auric field and also shows chakra and meridian energy and imbalances inside the body. And we find that there is an obvious correlation between what people come in reporting and what we see in the Bioview.  It gave useful hints that we wouldn’t otherwise get from a blood test.

Q. So that can speed up the healing process and the way that you can work with a client?

I think it gives an idea of what might be going on and we see changes after we have done treatments and so it is one objective method by which we measure the effectiveness. However I have to say in general the main way that we know people are getting better is they report it themselves and that is a subjective interpretation but still important.  Also regular blood tests, hemaview ( , X-rays, MRI often will correlate an improved function somewhere. There are many methods that we use to measure our work.

So the biofield view, is something I recommend for most of my patients, so we can get a before and after biofield view, before and after we’ve done ozone therapy. People do like look at those, they are quite interesting to look at and you get a report that points out your main problem.  And then after the treatments we can see how that’s changed. You already know because you are already experiencing the benefit but now you see it on something you can look at outside your body.

Q. And you work with other practitioners Wayne other than BioField viewer?

I work with Vivienne Berry.  I like the work that she does, working on emotional level because it’s our philosophy that basically treating the physical body is really the lowest form of intervention. We like to go into the emotional, mental, etheric, spiritual influences operating on a person life because we feel and we believe and we even sometimes know that what is going on at a higher level is really the cause of eventually what we see operating in the physical body. And as we go through this kind of work that Vivienne does people get tuned in, they get to an awareness that there’s a strong emotional current or maybe even something from past lives that can be influencing their behavior and their moods in this life. It’s quite releasing to go back and tap into what happened emotionally and make an agreement to release it.  There is a freedom that comes with that, to be more of who you really are, without the overlays from family histories go back through the family line, what we might think of as miasms or sort of a stain that comes down through the family line and the work Vivienne does helps to release some of these problems and we find that very useful.

Q. So basically you work on a holistic level.

We are

Q. How would you normally administer the ozone?

The ozone is always treating the blood and injections can be given into a joint or muscles, sometimes people breath ozone, which has to be bubbled through oil first, generally olive oil which makes it into a turpene which is an hydro carbon chain with an ozone molecule attached to the end of it which makes it safe to breath. We only do this in very small amounts, parts per million.  Breathing ozone is very effective for lung conditions and lung infections. It can be administered into the colon through an insufflation which is like an enema using oxygen-ozone mixtures. This is good for leaky gut and for re-establishing a healthy bowel flora, and also in Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel disease, these kinds of problems, to quench the inflammation that’s happening, remove any infection and encourage tissue to heal.

One thing you learn about Ozone as you use it, is that is very quick in action, you are not left wondering if It’s going to work or not. It’s very quick what you see and as long as you’re getting improvements it’s a good rationale for continuing on that method.

We administrate the ozone, we start to see an improvement very quickly and as long as the trend keeps going we have got a rationale to keep going with the treatment. If I administer and I find that nothing much happens within two treatments, at that point you might start thinking ‘OK, this is not working’ so we need to look at the reasons why it might not be working. The main one is mercury toxicity. So if I’ve treated somebody with ozone treatments and they don’t seem to be getting any effect, which is rare, I probably see one or two people a year who this would be the case.  So what we do is we test for heavy metals, especially mercury and so far we have found these people are all high in mercury, so then we arrange to have some chelation done to get the mercury out of the system and then reinstigate the ozone therapy and this time we will get an effect.

Q. So might be longer but you get the desired results?


Q. Would you like to briefly discuss the types of conditions that you have recently successfully treated?  Obviously there are so many different types of conditions people deal with and I’m sure our listeners would be very interested in the types of conditions you treat. You talked about cancer and arthritis.

Ok, historically and in all the literature, the main indications for ozone therapy are circulatory diseases, so arterial circulatory disorders, for example peripheral arterial and cerebral circulatory disorders, also diabetic ulcers, cold hands and feet, intermittent claudication,  any kind of heart disease where there is reduced blood flow to the heart muscle. These kinds of problems, ozone is well known to be probably the treatment of choice because wherever you’ve got low or poor circulation, you are going to have hypoxia, low oxygen tension in the tissue and this is one of the primary causes of cancer, from Otto Warberg’s work. So that is one of the main indications.

The other indication for ozone therapy is infection. The Germans first used Ozone in 1915, injecting directly into the femoral artery.  They were treating gas gangrene of the legs in the battle fields of Europe and they saved half the limbs they would otherwise had to have amputated. Gas gangrene is a particularly nasty infection and often can’t be overcome with antibiotic treatment and therefore ozone is considered the appropriate treatment. Ozone particularly will eradicate anaerobic organisms and these are mostly the disease causing bacterium. Ozone attacks them directly, breaks their double bonds and they die so it’s a very good treatment for infection.

Q. How about things like thrush and herpes?  Do you have success with them?

Yes. They are infections, any infection of any kind; you got find ozone is very effective or very useful for.  Herpes would probably be one of the most susceptible organisms from the point of view of ozone. Over the years I have treated many cases of genital and other herpes.  I have had very happy clients I have to say!  It usually clears up fairly quickly, then the lesions stop coming or when they do arrive they are in a much milder form and fewer and further between outbreaks and then very shortly there will be no more outbreaks.  Often that will carry on for 6 months or a year and then, under stress, the symptoms start to come up again, and that’s when they have to come back and I inject under the lesions and also trace the nerve back to the spinal cord and inject around the nerve root in the spine, not getting close to the spinal cord itself but just injecting near where that comes out because that’s where the herpes virus tends to hide out in the nerve root.  And once you have done that once often that will be the end of the outbreak and there will not be any more outbreaks.  I can’t guarantee that but is by far and away the norm for treating herpes or shingles, which is the same thing.

Q Thank you Wayne. In summary it’s a very simple ozone delivery system you are using but you are dealing at a very sophisticated level to help people get well.

Yes it’s a really simple idea to comprehend. I refer people to websites –  is probably one of the better ones. Look at the site and you will find what illness you are suffering from and the kind of research that have been done on ozone to treat that, and you can read through that and decide if ozone therapy is for you.

It’s quite a simple concept to understand for most people. The only risk with ozone therapy is the adverse reactions or side effects if you want, which is 0.00007 – in a meta-analysis done on 6 million ozone treatments done in Germany over the last 50 years and the only side effect is a brief flushing of the skin or blindness but this blindness only lasts for a minute or two and then is passes. That sounds scary but I have only seen it happen 3 times in the last 25 years.  It’s an oxidation of material from the blood vessels which just makes the blood very thick flowing through the eyes at the retina for a few minutes and then it clears, but otherwise there is very little risk from ozone therapy. Doing ozone therapy is safer than Vitamin C which is another treatment that we strongly support as well.

Q. Is Ozone easier to administer than IV vitamin C Wayne?

It’s probably quicker. I think it’s easier to administer and quicker.  It works very well with Vitamin C drips, we just don’t do them on  the same day because ozone is an oxidant, whilst Vitamin C is an antioxidant. So we don’t do both treatments on the same day.  There are a lot of people doing Vitamin C treatment and Ozone which is a very effective combination, I might add.

Thanks Wayne. We will cover prolotherapy your other main modality in the next article.