October 2015

Latest New Therapy

By John Coombs

Our latest new therapy program called ‘Bio Photonic Light System’ uses flickering lights to entrain healthy brainwaves and stimulate the production of healthy brain chemistry.

Bio Photonic Light System

The happy and healthy brain chemicals are essential to enjoyment of a fully functioning life. These include the neuro chemicals for confidence, bliss, reward, bonding, pain killing, anti-anxiety and energy.

With brain-related diseases reaching epidemic proportions throughout the western world (dementia related diseases being diagnosed at the rate of 1 every 4 seconds in USA), we need simple and effective solutions to ensure our brains get sufficient rest and appropriate stimulation as well as sufficient and effective sleep every night. Deterioration of sleep affects over 700 metabolic biochemical reactions and leads to multiple long term chronic health problems.

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September 2015

Is Fatigue Holding You Back?

By John Coombs

Dr Wilson was the first doctor to isolate the cause of chronic fatigue as a depletion or malfunctioning of the adrenal gland, which affects up to 50 other hormones in the body. He named this as Adrenal Fatigue.

His book ‘Adrenal Fatigue – The 21st Century Stress Syndrome‘ has many valuable tips and recommendations to help you through the issues which have affected numerous people, as chronic stress takes a toll on our modern society.

“After several years of helping many clients with chronic fatigue and vitality problems as well as many with more serious conditions, I can whole heartedly recommend the benefits of Dr Wilson’s program. I hear from people “I have tried everything” to overcome this lethargy, when usually there are quite simple remedies. I myself had a seriously debilitating fatigue in 2005 which fortunately I received help to treat successfully naturopathically.”
– John Coombs, Director, Global Health Clinics

If you are sick of chronic fatigue crippling your life and sapping your energy, contact us to benefit from with Dr Wilson’s adrenal quartet formula.

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August 2015

Your Protein Check: Cell Wellbeing Bio Profiler

By John Coombs

How are you tracking your protein intake? Are you maintaining optimum protein levels, especially if you follow a strictly vegetarian or vegan diet? 


Our recent assessments of clients on the Cell Wellbeing Hair Follicle Scan show two thirds are protein deficient – 40% are depleted in amino acids at a priority level and another 27% at an advisory level.

This affects normal functionality of the body systems, including your brain chemistry and your ability to make good lifestyle decisions as well as leading to fatigue and sub-optimal detoxification processes.

Many people are trying to reduce meat and dairy intake or are vegetarians or vegans, however you need adequate protein which is essential in a stressful modern society with fast food trends and depleted or imbalanced minerals in our soil and agricultural systems.

The protein powders available at Global health – which you can add to your smoothies, mix with any of the milks, water or juice or use in cooking – are ideal for optimal health in balance with fresh vegetables, fruit and appropriate grains, seeds, nuts and appropriate animal products.

(*The chart above indicates percentage of calories provided by protein in these food items)

You need to check your Amino Acid profile if you are suffering from any of these symptoms:

– Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (tiredness)
– Food intolerances and chemical sensitivity
– Hair loss and low weight

– Thyroid malfunction
– Depression and anxiety

Even in the best of times your brain is often malnourished, which is then reflected in your physical health, sleep patterns, emotions and behaviour. At Global Health Clinics, we come across fatigue as one of the most common problems that a majority of our clients face on an every day basis.

Feed your brain sufficient protein to address chronic fatigue.
Healthy brain means a healthy mind and body.

Cell Wellbeing Bio Profiler assesses you for your amino acid profile, apart from Parasites and viruses, Nutrition, Toxins, Antioxidants, Microbiology, Minerals, Fatty Acids EFA, EMF (radiation). Based on your test results, you can address any deficiencies and streamline your pathway to well-being. Book now for your Amino Acid profile assessment:


July 2015

NEW Cell-Wellbeing Special Offer

By John Coombs

cell-wellbeing poster_v2

The state of the art Cell Wellbeing Bio-Profiler checks your Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Amino Acids, EFA’s (Omega Oils), appropriate Food, Microbiology, Toxins and EMF profile, as expressed real time in your hair follicles in a quick and easy process onsite.

These wellness factors are ranked in priority for treatment or at an advisory level and you can simply keep an eye out for your future wellbeing by improving your diet and lifestyle accordingly.

Your results are available in 20 minutes in an easy to read written report. It’s simple, inexpensive and very convenient. It assesses multiple key aspects of your nutritional and environmental profile and includes a comprehensive 25 page health and well-being report.

This is prioritised with colour coded graphs and you receive a 20-30 minute wellness consultation where your test results are presented with future recommendations. This allows you to maximize your health options and streamline your pathway to wellbeing.

Each Environmental Statement, contains details of which of the many factors listed have the highest probability of significance from the hair follicles that were screened at that time. They are listed in order of priority to make it easy to understand and use the data to change your dietary and nutritional environment to one which promotes better gene-expression and influences cellular optimization.

We have spent years researching various assessment options and trying to simplify the optimal wellbeing and super-ageing journey so this system has been a revelation, for us and the clients to date.

Erica Lang going away

Our resident BodyTalk practitioner Erica Lang will be away for a month. Her last day in the clinic will be Friday 24th July, so make sure you book in at reception on 488 0208 to ensure your appointment time before then. She will be back on 28th August.

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June 2015

Special Winter Wellbeing Offer

By John Coombs

Special New Ozone Spa and Sauna  – Winter Wellbeing offer! Usually $120, now $89. Or 10 sessions for $749.


After years of research and development into simplifying the optimal wellness and anti-aging journey, it’s a real pleasure to introduce to you our exciting state-of-the-art Ozone Spa.

The Hocatt Ozone Spa and Sauna combines multiple therapies in one, providing you with numerous holistic benefits in a deeply relaxing, passive experience.

It takes only 30 minutes to feel rejuvenated and energised, whilst also feeling relaxed and rested.

We will be extending our opening hours to help you with this new service as we realise many of you want to experience this outside your usual working hours and to keep warm and fresh in the winter months.

Benefits include: rejuvenation at multiple levels including skin and circulation, cellular and general vitality, anti-aging, improved immunity, weight loss and reduced cellulite, mental clarity, relaxation and stress relief, increased oxygenation,  detox, reduced hypertension, reduced blood pressure, reduced pain, improved sleep, and much more.

Reasons why the Hocatt is most effective is because it combines multiple therapies in one system from a gentle Sauna where you set your desired temperature – combined with Electrotherapy through the Rife system, Far Infra Red and UltraViolet treatment, Aura Soma, Carbonic Acid therapy – to relax nerves and blood vessels.

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May 2015

Season Signals: Fortify for Wellbeing

By John Coombs

Global Health Clinics extends a warm welcome for you to take advantage of our numerous programmes for your general wellbeing and immunity during this changing of the seasons with a reminder to take extra precautions managing your health.

hedge_windowWe have a large variety of simple, safe procedures to fortify and strengthen your immune system, especially protection from viral and bacterial infections that are so prevalent in the damp and windy conditions. We can also help you or your family with general stress and anxiety from a busy lifestyle.

Our team of four Naturopaths – Dr Wayne McCarthy, MD, Marianne Stobie, Bruce Harper and Anna Chirchikova – are available to assess your immunity and state of wellbeing going into winter with specialised tests and questionnaires, and then recommend effective products with a lifestyle programme and treatment plan.

Please call 09 4880208 if you require help choosing the best person to help you or go to https://globalhealthclinics.co.nz/book-a-practitioner/

Our wider team of mind-body and energy medicine specialists are also available to help improve your quality of life and support you with a wide range of conditions, so please do contact us – the sooner you start the sooner we can help you on your path to optimal wellbeing.

I also take this chance to notify that David Holden is now working as a specialist, fully independently of Global Health Clinics and focusing on serious disease. You can reach him on david@hhc.nz or 0274837188.

We encourage you to keep maintaining a good attitude to health which is an investment in quality of life. Like with money, the more well you manage your investment in health the more profound the benefits you are likely to receive.


April 2015

Ozone Therapy in Peyronie’s Disease

(Abstract from an article from Ozone Research Center, Cuba)

Penile diseases including previous priapism, penile trauma and Peyronie’s disease can cause impotence due to fibrosis of the sinusoidal spaces of the corpora cavernosa, corporeal artery occlusion or neurogenic mechanism. Peyronie’s disease is not rare.

Patients usually present a painful plaque on the dorsum of the penis and may progress to development of penile curvature (distortion or deflection of the penis, especially when erected) with a decrease rigidity of erection. Persistence or progression of the penile deformity requires therapy, but of the several medical or surgical approaches none seem to be completely effective. It has been demonstrated the presence of oxidative stress in these patients with a remarkable decrease in superoxide dismutase.

Taking into account that ozone therapy increases the antioxidant defense system, improves oxygen metabolism, among other effects, the aim of this paper is to evaluate the efficacy of ozone therapy in a patient suffering of Peyronie’s disease. Patient was treated daily with ozone, by rectal application (increasing the ozone concentration between 20 and 35 mg/L and the volume between 100 and 200 ml), during 2 cycles of treatment of 20 sessions each and a third cycle (10 sessions) using rectal ozone application in combination with ozone directly injected in the fibrotic plaque (with an ozone concentration of 10 mg/L and a volume of 5 ml). Ultrasound measurement of the fibrotic plaque and an oxidative stress test, at the beginning and at the end of each cycle of ozone treatment, were performed.

The results demonstrated a high oxidative stress index (equal to 4, in a scale of 0 to 4) at the beginning of the treatment with the presence of a fibrotic plaque, measured by ultrasound. At the end of the first cycle of treatment a decrease in the oxidative stress index (equal to 1) was achieved, remaining with this figure during the other cycles of treatment. By ultrasound study, at the end of the second cycle of treatment, the fibrotic plaque diminished and at the end of the third cycle it disappeared. Penis retraction and deflection diminished significantly, along with a pain disappearance.

Ozone therapy could be recommended for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease.