March 2015

Terenzo Bozzone beats fatigue to emerge winner

New Zealand’s 5-time world champion triathlete Terenzo Bozzone, who is being sponsored by Global Health Clinic, has had two outstanding results in one week – 1st in Challenge Dubai triathlon, where he is in contention for a $1 million bonus; and 2nd in Ironman New Zealand in Taupo, despite jet lag and limited recovery time.

Terenzo_DubaiGlobal Health Clinic recently sponsored Terenzo with a multi-modality health programme in the past few months to help him with his health and wellness goals towards his preparation for various events in 2015. He made a remarkable recovery from adrenal fatigue and burnout to get back to his best at the highest level in recent events. (Listen to Terenzo’s interview with John Coombs)

Terenzo’s results are an example of the efficacy of our programmes and our focus on wellness to help people perform at their best regardless of their circumstances.

World champion Terenzo Bozzone earned the victory in Dubai in the men’s section at the recently concluded inaugural Challenge Dubai triathlon. He will take home $65,000 of a total $300,000 prize purse, and more significantly one of the only two athletes eligible for the $1 million bonus up for grabs if any athlete can win all three races in the Triple Crown Series.

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February 2015

Looking forward to the best holistic year of your life

We hope you all enjoyed an excellent Xmas and New Year and many of you are looking forward to the best holistic year of your life. We have been blessed with magnificent weather which has most people in good moods, which in my opinion is probably half of the good health equation.

The influence of our mind on our physical body and our emotions is profound, both positively and when we are not doing so well. We have a variety of ways to help you excel with epigenetics. Science has clearly now validated these principles. Clear evidence for mind-body, energy medicine and biology of belief is found in the pioneering work of Bruce Lipton who you can meet and listen to in person at the public events listed here, or you can find out more in the video on the Global Health Clinics home page.


Exciting start to 2015 – with new team members to help you
We have exciting new announcements as we evolve our new wellness models at Global Health.

Dr Janine Manuel, BSc BHB MBChB FRNZCGP, has joined our team. She is an integrative GP educated in Auckland with further training in Switzerland in Nutrition, Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine. Janine will be available on Tuesdays for full consultations of up to 90 mins, for $180, or $120 per hour.

Maree McLeay, our Wellness Services Manager, has also commenced and works on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. She is helping develop the best personalised wellness plans possible by coordinating the work you do with practitioners and programmes both inside and out of Global Health, and also helping with the pycho-social aspects necessary for optimising your wellness outcomes.

Virin Gomber, YB 12 Success Consultant, is also now available through the week for consultations to help you have your best year ever for your wellness, career and life goals.

Sally Jensen is now available for Ayurvedic Massage on Wednesday and Friday.

Jessica has settled in at reception and is doing an outstanding job actively managing your connections with the practitioners and supporting your wellness journey. She is also working on Fridays as a Nutritionist helping clients plan and prepare healthy, tasty meals or learn how to shop for quality ingredients.


Special Offer to Get Through Christmas Stress + YB 12 Programme

December 2014

YB 12 : How to have the best year of your life

Global Health Clinic is offering you special support to get through Christmas stress and with your New Year resolutions to help you have the best year of your life through lifestyle coaching programmes including YB 12.

It’s much cheaper to be pro-active with your health than wait until you get sick and start spending on treatment plans. We would like to see each of you before Christmas or in the beginning of the new year to work out your health plan to maximise the best value we can offer you.

We would like to introduce you to Virin Gomber (YB 12 Success Consultant), a new team member who is helping to lead our solutions based wellness programmes. The YB 12 programme comes with immense benefits to help you achieve your wellness goals sustainably.

YB12 Benefits

While you know we already have excellent practitioners providing outstanding service, Global Health Clinic is now becoming a much more proactive organisation. We realise that apart from treating people with serious illness, we need to start seeing people earlier in their health journey so our approach can be much more effective and better value for money.

We are poised for new developments to help you manage your wellness effectively and establish excellent strategies to help you maintain good health at all levels of body and mind.

In the New Year 2015, our new Wellness Services Manager – Maree McLeay – will help facilitate relationships between clients and practitioners at Global Health Clinic in order to ensure the best value services.