emf-anti-radiation cellphone caseEMF stands for Electromagnetic fields, and invisible electrical and magnetic forces. EMFs are a type of radiation, that take the form of waves.

There are Natural and Artificial EMFs in our environment. Natural EMFs are low in intensity; for example, a healthy human body resonates with the earth’s magnetic field at around 10 hertz. Artificial EMFs on the other hand come from human technologies, for example hairdryers, mobile phones and high voltage wires. Strong, artificial EMFs can enter your body and interfere with human body’s natural energetic field, harming everything from sleep cycles and stress levels to your immunities and DNA.

FACT: We’re exposed to 100 million times greater artificial EMF radiation than our grandparents were, and that exposure grows each year!

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One way we can protect ourselves from the potential harmful effects of cell phone radiation is by protecting the EMFs omitted from these phones. The clinic now sells the new ROCK Anti Radiation Leather Cell Phone Cases which contain a radiation shield made of silver material to effectively reduce your EMF exposure.

These offer:

  • 180 degree radiation shield (calls can be connected)
  • 360 degree radiation shield (calls cannot be connected)
  • Anti-demagnetize pocket
  • Separate compartment credit cards, ID, business cards etc
  • Adjustable neck cord
  • Very convenient to use

Both large (126 mm x 69 mm x 13 mm) and small (116 mm x 59 mm x 10 mm) sizes are available which fit all iPhone and Android models.

They come in a range of colours including red, black, pink, white and silver.

Red Cell Phone Case:

Black Cell Phone Case:

Pink Cell Phone Case:

White Cell Phone Case:

Silver Cell Phone Case:

19 cm X 10 cm


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For further information or to make a purchase, get in touch on our Contact Page