Father’s Day Specials: SEPTEMBER 2015

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(Offer lasts till 15 September 2015):

Wilson_QuartetDr Wilson’s Adrenal Quartet:

Adrenal C Formula, Adrenal Rebuilder, Herbal Adrenal Support Formula, Super Adrenal Stress Formula


90 tablets (Mild programme – 30 days supply):  $247.70
Buy this and get half price on Hocatt Ozone Spa ($60 value)

150 tablets (Mild programme – 50 days supply): $331.05
Buy this and get one Hocatt Ozone Spa session Free ($120 value)



CleanGreenNuzest Clean Lean Protein:
Nuzest have developed Clean Lean Protein – a 100% vegetable protein isolate that’s big on benefits and offers an alternative to dairy, soy and whey-based products.

– Perfectly Alkaline
– Low In Fat And Carbohydrates
– Highly Absorbable
– Big On Essential Amino Acids
– Low Allergenic And Free From Any Nasties
– Vegan And Vegetarian-Lovin’
– Ethically Sourced And Sustainable

Vanilla or Chocolate : Now $46.95 ( 500 g) (was $51.90)




male-essentialsMale Essentials Multivitamin & Mineral:

(60 tablets)

Men’s Multi with Moducare™ Phytosterol Complex and Milk Thistle.

  • Men’s multi with Moducare™ and zinc for male health.
  • No added Copper.
  • Provides 3.6 g of milk thistle to assist with liver health.


Now $45.00  (was $50.00)




BackToBasic_JugBack to Basic Alkaline Jug:

  • Capacity of pitcher: 3.5L, filtration capacity effective 2L
  • Filter materials: Active carbon, Ion Exchange resin, negative potential particles
  • ph: 8.5 – 10
  • Reduces water molecule cluster size
  • Contains alkalising minerals
  • Soft and great tasting water

Each filter can produce 300L of delicious Ionized alkaline water

Now $69.95  (was $79.95)





Product Specials: JULY 2015

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Lypospheric Vitamin C (Ideal as prevention or treatment for winter ills)
Now just  $39.95 

Micron Particle Delivery System with added extra Vit. D3 and stevia to provide a palatable emulsion which can be taken “as is” or combined with your favourite beverage.

You may take as many as 10 (ten) sachets C spread over a 24 hr. period. Recommended is one upon rising and retiring in the evening. It can also be added to wine and beer e.g. with the last mouthful in the glass.

This Vit. C supplement enables near total absorption, ensuring the ability to digest your maximal intake/uptake to allow our physiology a similar advantage in daily health, as enjoyed by the vast majority of mammals and most creatures in the animal kingdom. We trust you will approve of the flavour enhancement manifest by the addition of orange oil.
IMAG1017Naturopaths Own Daily C  (for general immunity and cellular wellbeing) – Usually $44.75, now just  $39.95 

  • Delicious natural citrus flavour
  • 100% sugar free, contains Stevia
  • Vitamin E, Zinc and Beta Carotene
  • Ascorbic acid and Bioflavonoids in optimal 2:1 ratio
  • NO artificial colours OR flavours OR preservatives
  • pH balanced, gentle on the tummy

YB 12 Special Offer: March 2015

Global Health Clinic is offering you a Super Special Offer on the YB 12 lifestyle coaching programme. If you started 2015 with some New Year resolutions and are already struggling to stay motivated to achieve your goals for the year, get in touch with Virin Gomber (YB 12 Success Consultant).

Special Offer: 2 for the price of 1 (Offer valid till 31 March 2015)
Bring along your partner, spouse or a friend and pay only for one person for 12-months focussed coaching to have the ‘Best Year of Your Life’

The YB 12 programme comes with immense benefits to help you achieve your wellness goals sustainably.

YB12 Benefits

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