• Would you buy a house without having a Building Inspection done first?
    – No, of course you wouldn’t!
  • But if you were only renting you may, as it’s not your house – right?
  • And who cares, if you don’t like it, you can simply move out!
  • However, what if your house is the one thing that’s making you sick?

Nicky has been studying and practicing the intricate details of Earth Energies and how they affect our health for the past 20 years.

John Coombs talks to Nicky Crocker about geopathic home assessment and its benefits: 14.20 min

Nicky Crocker talks about how geopathic home assessment works: 14.35 min

Nicky Crocker talks about the type of diseases geopathic home management can help with: 15.20 min

Nicky Crocker talks about benefits of The Journey in geopathic home management: 12.50 min

If you or one of your loved ones suffer from Unease, Constant Headaches, Backaches, Irritable legs, Allergies/Eczema, Arthritis, Lack of Energy, Sleep Disorders, Bed Wetting, Learning Difficulties/ADHD, or Chronic Fatigue – the list goes on and on, your house could be causing any or all of these feelings!

But don’t stress. A simple ‘Building Biology Inspection’ by Nicky, who is a trained Geomancer, will identify where Geopathic Stress or Noxious Earth Energies is affecting your home, and provide you with simple ways to avoid this problem. It can be as easy as moving or rearranging furniture.

Geopathic Stress is in every single home/office/property somewhere, around the world. It does not care if you own or rent your home. It’s irrelevant!

Don’t let it affect you!

We test for Geopathic Stress, EMF/EMR Electrical Radiation (Dirty electricity)