John Coombs Director Global Health Clinics

John Coombs

Clinic Director and Wellness Manager

Fatigue specialist

Vivienne Berry NLP

Vivienne Berry

Stress, Values, Emotional Clearing & Mental Balance Specialist

Holographic Kinetics, Multiple Brain, NLP and Healthy Breathing


Valee Moore

Relationship Healing & Life Skills, Craniosacral Therapy and Integrative Bodywork

Pain Specialist, Stress Relief, Energy Balancing, Body Alignment

Liz Hart

Liz Hart

Stress, Anxiety and Trauma Solutions (EFT, TRE, Meditation & Optimal Healing)

Fi Rutland Reflexology

Fi Rutland

Reflexology, Ozone Spa, Bio Pulse Foot Spa, Indian Head Massage


Stefan Sageman

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Stop Smoking, Weight Management, Anxiety, Addictions


Nicky Crocker

Nicky Crocker

For Healthy Homes & Offices

Geopathic Stress testing and building biology inspections