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Virin Gomber | Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Quit Smoking & Anxiety

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Lifestyle Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Auckland

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help create changes 

The use of hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly popular with the likes of entertainers such as Matt Damon, Ellen Degeneres and Lilly Allen using hypnosis to break past limiting behaviours; researched in universities and utilized in hospitals around the world, using the powerful positive effects of hypnosis is now a popular means of moving towards a better quality of life.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss
Help Bring Dieting To An End And Create A Lifestyle Of Health That Just Feels Natural

hypnosis-for-weight-lossWith Hypnosis For Weight Loss We Want To Help Train Your Mind To:

    • Limit Favourite Foods and Drinks And  Not Feel Deprived
    • Say No To Second Servings,  Snacking And Urges To Eat and Still Feel Satisfied
    • Put Aside Past Dieting Failures, and Move Forward With Confidence

At Lifestyle Hypnosis (under Global Health Clinics), we understand circumstances for each client are different, backgrounds, current living environments, past histories and future challenges. So Before your hypnosis session begins, we put aside a good 30 minute free consultation to outline your unique challenges and only then do we start to use hypnosis to help you make the changes you want.


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FREE 30 Minute Consultation

The first 30 minutes Of Your First Session Is FREE. With No Obligation to Continue. In this Time You Can……

  1. Make Sure Hypnosis Is The Right Choice For You
  2. Get Completely Relaxed And Comfortable With Hypnosis Before You Decide To Start
  3. Get A Complete Understanding Of How Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight.
  4. Ensure Your Hypnotherapist had a proper understanding of  What Your Weight Loss Problem Is.

After the 30 minutes if you don’t feel hypnosis is the right choice for you, no payment, and no further obligation is required.

Our 2 Most Popular Weight Loss Hypnosis Programs

Kick Start Your Weight Loss

In three weeks we want you to have stopped the bad eating habits, be well into all the good new healthy habits,  and be full of confidence. Your first session is for 90 minutes and includes your 30 minute no obligation consultation, followed by two sixty minute sessions spaced a week apart.

    • 30 Minute No Obligation Free Consultation
    • 3 X 60 Minute Sessions
    • 1 X Hypnosis MP3 – Portion Control OR Make Exercise Easy

(You Save $100)

Weight Loss For Life

We want to achieve everything in the first 3 sessions as in the Kick Start Program, however with 5 sessions spread over 8 weeks, it also gives us time to stay with you as you lose your weight, giving you additional support and help if we come across any bumps along the way.

    • 30 Minute No Obligation Free Consultation
    • 3 X 60 Minute Sessions
    • 2 X 30 Minute Sessions
    • 1 X  Hypnosis MP3 – Portion Control
    • 1 X Hypnosis MP3 – Make Exercise Easy OR Make Healthy Choices (Thin Thinking)

(You Save $165)