Would you like to be more effective in life?

Are your subconscious beliefs holding you back?

Do you have repeating patterns in your relationships?


Hester will help you overcome subconscious beliefs that could be limiting you from achieving your full potential in life. She will assist you to discover your innate wisdom and help you by create the changes so you can live the life you were destined to live.


PSYCH-K is an effective way to quickly and easily change outdated subconscious perceptions and beliefs that may be sabotaging your goals in life. Are you interested in this therapy and feel like this could work for you? Just book an appointment by calling me on the following number: (09) 488 0208 or simply book a session by clicking on the book now button here:


Brief bio

My name is Hester Scott and I am working at Global Health as a PSYCH-K facilitator. I have been working in the field of wellbeing for the several years and my passion is assisting people to discover their innate abilities. I have graduated in three stages of PSYCH-K training.

Previously I worked in landscape design and architecture; but as a young mother now, I am committed to how we can help shape our own destiny and society through proactive wellbeing.

A commonly held belief is that in order for you to achieve your goals or desired change all you need is awareness, insight, reason, positive thinking and willpower to facilitate these changes. I have come to understand that mostly this is not enough to achieve lasting effective change due to being experienced only on our conscious level of understanding. However, using the easy and effective PSYCH-K balances we are able to access the sensory based subconscious mind where all our helpful or uncooperative beliefs, values and attitudes are held and effectively facilitate space for whatever you want to realize in your life.

I discovered PSYCH-K through the revolutionary work of Bruce Lipton and by continuing to explore the possibilities of this simple but effective transformational tool I believe by changing ourselves and holding a vision for a more balanced peaceful world this outcome is achievable.

This is a direct quote from Bruce Lipton:

“the secret to life is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives, PSYCH-K is a simple, self empowering process to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level”.

“I went through a PSYCH K session and after that one I felt more balanced. Before that she tried to make me do some swinging leg exercise and I almost fell over but after she balanced me I could do it easily, pretty cool. Now I want to see her again and again to sort everything else what’s wrong with me out. It definitely works, you feel really good and you have plenty of energy. We have physical jobs and through this treatment I’ve got way more energy which really helps with my work.” Kevin Andersen, 2018.