Do you have phobias that are holding you back?

Have you had traumas in life that weigh down on you?

Do you need help to relax, regain control in your life and more towards your goals?


Hi, I’m Liz Hart and I specialise in helping people overcome Stress, Anxiety and Trauma.

I’ll help you find the right tools for your situation and teach you how to use them for yourself, with as much support as you need. We can meet in person or by video conferencing if you prefer, so you can experience greater freedom, grace and ease in your body and enjoy a more positive outlook and greater psychological and emotional stability.

Book with Liz for an initial assessment that provides insight into what may be behind your stress, anxiety and trauma, and create a plan for your recovery including some steps you can take for immediate relief.

Download this initial assessment questionnaire, complete and bring to your appointment.



To aid in your recovery, some of the tools we might use include

  • EFT – neutralise painful memories, resolve conflicts and create useful beliefs & mindsets
  • TRE – release tension and trauma through natural body movements
  • Meditation – target specific brain wave patterns
  • Optimal healing – profound spiritual healing

Use links above to learn more about each tool.

Some of these tools may be new to you, and have been chosen because they are easy to use, effective and safe while getting excellent results. We’ll craft a solution for your unique situation that works for you and your lifestyle that’s safe and manageable, and provides you with the relief and support you need.

Clients who book to see me include those experiencing

  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Overwhelm and stress at work and home
  • Inner conflicts & difficult decisions
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic illness
  • Slow healing or repetitive injuries
  • Performance issues – work, sport, arts, speaking, sales, trading
  • Unresolved grief, anger and relationship issues


“I was extremely impressed with Liz’s ability to get to the crux of my main problem within minutes, and to successfully go through the steps needed to eliminate it. I unreservedly recommend Liz for all emotional problems.”
Ann McGlinn, Commodities Trader, Wanaka

“Liz works in a very insightful creative and knowledgeable way to assist clients bring balance to challenges they are experiencing in their lives.”
Pauline Baker, Director, Energywise

“I would be extremely reluctant to travel with work as I was very anxious leaving my children. Liz quickly identified an early experience of loss that had a profound effect on me, and was able to neutralise my grief and fear leaving me free to pursue my business goals successfully.”
Graeme, Company Director

“As a roofer and survivor of child abuse I often had strong muscle pain that limited my ability to work. Liz taught me TRE and used EFT to clear those early trauma experiences and now I can work full time again. I feel excited and positive about my future for the first time in my life.”
Jerry Templeton

During your initial session we will assess your situation and goals, make a plan for your recovery and identify steps you can begin to use immediately to feel better.

I’m passionate about giving people effective tools to take good care of themselves, and standing alongside them as they learn. I have degrees in Education, Psychology and Metaphysics, and have studies and used many techniques over the years for myself and others.

As a working mum and grandma, carer of a disabled elderly parent, having experienced trauma and chronic health problems, and as a business owner I have both first hand experience of life challenges and the beneficial impact of these tools. I’ve brought together the best of ancient and modern practices that honours your uniqueness and gives you access to profound holistic healing for mind, heart, body and spirit. Let’s start your journey to freedom.


Liz Hart MA

Stress, Anxiety and Trauma Solutions