Self Care Plan & Further Treatment Recommendations

Unsure what to do to regain or maintain your health?

This introductory assessment session will help you develop an effective self-care plan and make recommendations for any further assessments or treatments you might benefit from.


Your holistic assessment can be provided by:

Wellness Assessment & Coordination Manager

If you don’t really know where to start, John will personally go over the initial questionnaire with you and guide you through the services and practitioners available here at Global Health. He will find a suitable program for you tailored to your individual needs.

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If you are dealing with a predominantly physical issue, the naturopath will provide you with a nutritional & lifestyle program; and recommend further steps necessary to explore any underlying dysfunction.

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If you are dealing with a predominantly mental/emotional issue, our counselor can help you develop an appropriate action plan to create a more positive balance in your life, and direct you to further support from a suitable practitioner.

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Yoga Therapist

If you prefer, our yoga and lifestyle therapist can meet with you to explore your situation holistically and provide safe and effective natural solutions for your problems. They will refer you to other practitioners at the clinic to enhance your health as appropriate.

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Health Value – $95

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