Supporting Your Recovery from Health Challenges to Wellbeing
including Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Cancer
& other difficult-to-treat chronic conditions

  • Guidance & support to help you cope
  • Healthy hormonal balance
  • Sleep, moods & relationships
  • Immunity & infection
  • Stress at home & work
  • Time management
  • Lifestyle balance
  • Detox programs
  • Pain & medication side effects

Wellbeing Specialist – test & assess your health status, provide nutritional programs for recovery.

Values Counsellor – determine & manage life priorities.

EFT Stress Recovery – help you reconnect to your own wisdom.

Meditation – to help you achieve deep relaxation allowing accelerated healing.

Biofield Photo Imaging – measures your energy system.

Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis – identify & relieve environmental stressors & allergies. Set up a personalized nutritional path.

Ozone therapy – restore immunity; reduce inflammation & toxicity.

Mind- Body Medicine – to maintain a healthy balance between the mind, body and emotions. To manage stress more intelligently.

Health value: $1950-$3950

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