Beyond Anxiety, Panic & Depression

Personalized support to find your balance, resilience and sense of fun.

Your Emotional Balance Team may include:

Naturopath –Diet & activity assessments, program recommendations to regain your hormonal and biochemical balance. Herbal & Nutritional supplements. Hemaview™ Live Blood Analysis.

Counseling – explore what really matters to you and plan your life around your core values, understand why you feel the way you do and what you can do about it.

Biofield Assessment – discover how your energy field is affecting your emotional health and see the progress.

Bodytalk – re-synchronize your body’s energy systems so you can operate as nature intended. Let us guide you through a self-discovery process.

EFT Stress Management – learn easy and effective stress release, get to the roots of your distress & connect to your wisdom strength and purpose to feel better faster.

Yoga Therapy – Learn easy yoga exercises to enhance peace of mind, release physical tension & stress. Reflexology – safe and gentle stress relief, rebalancing for your whole system.

Multiple Brain Balance – get your heart, head and gut in balance.

Health value: $490-$1490

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