For the Ultimate in Life

For the ultimate person who deserves and needs the best that life and personalized health can offer. High performance health for high achievers, busy executives and people of discernment. Providing energy, immunity, resilience and skills enabling full enjoyment and quality of life.

Your Ultimate Health Program will be a combination of personalized holistic therapies tailored specifically to your needs and fully managed for you over an agreed time frame.

Wellbeing specialists – Assessing your current health status and managing a superior personalized nutritional program providing for optimal immunity, hormone balance, stress management, weight, youthful vitality and healthy ageing. Using leading-edge assessment tools like Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis, and Thyroflex™ assessment.

Ozone – Boost energy, restore immunity; reduce inflammation and toxicity; improve skin quality as well as injury and cell tissue repair.

Mindfulness Therapist, Health Coaches and Counsellors – To help you develop practical action plans to create a more positive balance in your life with excellent relationship skills both at home and at work.  To develop cohesive, realistic values and maintain these through your busy schedule whilst eliminating inner conflicts and stress patterns. Developing an effective holistic Yoga solution for you.

Massage and Cranial Sacral Therapists – To get your physical body in balance with deep tissue therapies and structural realignment to help keep you strong, flexible and energetic. Nourishing massage to help you experience deep relaxation.

relaxing massage


BioViewer Analysis – To photograph your energy field and to digitally assess your energy system for shielding and reactions to environmental influences and allergies.

Mind-Body-Emotion Therapists – To help you manage inner beauty, self-esteem and life balance. To re-synchronize your body’s energy systems so you can operate as nature intended. Let us guide you through a self-discovery process. Learn easy and effective stress release, get to the roots of your distress and connect to your wisdom, strength and purpose to feel better faster.

Health value: $9500-$14950

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