Taking Care of You While You Take Care of Business

Family • Work • Ageing Parents • Community

Our team of highly qualified practitioners will provide a natural effective care and support program to help you juggle the many responsibilities in your life.

This Personalized Care Package provides:

Naturopathy – personalized nutrition & lifestyle programs to keep you strong & healthy. You are assessed to ensure this program is ideal for you.

NLP & Values Consultancy – to identify your current life goals & clear the obstacles to achievement; effective life management & planning tools.

Bodytalk – re-synchronizing your body’s energy systems so they can operate as nature intended. Simple, safe & speedy care for your mind & body.

EFT Tapping – highly effective & easy to learn stress management tools to let go of disappointment, guilt, fear, resentment & align with your own wisdom.

Reflexology – comfort and care for your whole body in a relaxing peaceful session. Relieving pain & stress.

Hypnosis & Metaphysical Counselling – providing customized interventions to create a powerful alignment in which wholeness prevails.

Health value: $1950-$3950

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