A Women’s Program to Help You Be Proactive and Stay Healthy

Manage Menopause naturally. Maintain a fit and healthy body. Access your own wisdom to guide you through life. Enjoy the changing life patterns as you mature.

Your Health Support Team include:

Wellbeing specialist – Nutritional & activity recommendations to keep you well. Hormonal & biochemical balance.

Values Counsellor – embracing your new role in the family & community; retirement planning, your legacy.

Ozone– for restoring normal physiological function and relief for painful joints.

Biofield Assessment – discover how your energy field is affecting your health and take corrective steps.

Coaching – support as you move into a different phase of life and confront new challenges.

EFT Stress Management – learn a fast & effective stress release tool to connect to your own wisdom. Overcome empty nest syndrome & find new purpose.

Mindfulness – Learn easy-to-use exercises and meditation to enhance your natural hormone balance, for emotional wellbeing, and for understanding your changing image of yourself, allowing your wisdom to express and inspire.

Health value: $1950-$4950

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