A Women’s Program to Help You Be Proactive and Stay Healthy

Manage Menopause naturally. Maintain a fit and healthy body. Access your own wisdom to guide you through life. Enjoy the changing life patterns as you mature.

Your Health Support Team include:

Naturopath – Nutritional & activity recommendations to keep you well. Hormonal & biochemical balance.

Values Counsellor – embracing your new role in the family & community; retirement planning, your legacy.

Osteopathy – maintain and enhance your flexibility and movement with a specific exercise plan.

Ozone & Prolotherapy – for restoring normal physiological function and relief for painful joints.

Biofield Assessment – discover how your energy field is affecting your health and take corrective steps.

Counselling – support as you move into a different phase of life and confront new challenges

BodyTalk – re-synchronize your body’s energy systems so they can operate as nature intended.

EFT Stress Management – learn a fast & effective stress release tool to connect to your own wisdom. Overcome empty nest syndrome & find new purpose.

Yoga Therapy – Learn easy-to-use yoga exercises  and meditation to enhance your natural hormone balance, for emotional wellbeing, and for understanding your changing image of yourself, allowing your wisdom to express and inspire.

Health value: $1950-$4950

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