What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, which are widely used these days to improve circulation and cell metabolism. The body can become accustomed to non-moving (or static) magnetic fields (magnets) which generally are unable to penetrate deeply into the body. A pulsed electromagnetic field however, is quite dynamic, is able to penetrate all the way through the body, and creates a cascade of effects within the body.

It is important to distinguish between electromagnetic fields we use for therapeutic purposes and other man-made electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) from power lines, microwave ovens, cell phones, cell phone towers, T.V and all other electrical house-hold appliances. These can create damage to our cells. The German PEMF device, QRS, produces safe, natural therapeutic electromagnetic fields which are of lower frequency and are complimentary to the chemistry and functions of the body.

At Global Health Clinics, we offer sessions on our QRS PEMF Mat, which are relaxing, energising and healing.

How can PEMF help me?

Research on the effects electrical, magnetic and microwave fields has been done for over 100 years. However, in many countries this type of research has been down-played in the public arena, yet has continued in US military research, and in European and Eastern Bloc countries. We now know that this research showed therapeutic applications for certain types of EMFs, and PEMF is one of them.

The Quantum Resonance System (QRS)

The QRS-101 PEMF system was designed by a team of international scientists from Germany, Switzerland and Russia, including the founder of the QRS company, Prof Gerhard Fischer, MD. It is an officially-registered medical device in Europe, and in 1998 won a gold medal for best medical invention!


The mats have been used in a wide range of injury situations, and players have reported with a degree of excitement that the mats have aided in quicker-than-otherwise recovery from injury.

Ian BonnetteCEO, Newcastle Knights, Australian Football League

Some of the beneficial effects of PEMF

Improved Circulation

When a magnetic field passes through red blood cells, they separate out from each other, thereby increasing circulation. In addition, PEMF’s increase various chemicals in the blood vessel walls that cause them to dilate, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues.

Improved circulation helps tissues get the nutrition and oxygen they need, while expelling the waste they produce. There is also reduction of swelling and the healing of bruising.

Enhanced muscle function

PEMF improves energy and  allows muscles to work longer and harder, and recover more quickly from their work. Muscles that are contracted or in spasm are better able to relax, decreasing tension and reducing the pain caused by spasm.

Reduced inflammation

Killer T (KT) cells are very useful in normally inflammation as they regulate the process. However, in chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis or tendinitis, KT cells support the persistence of the disease. Research shows that PEMF’s can induce the appropriate death of aged, chronic KT cells, by actions on their membrane and key enzymes in the cells.

Stress reduction

PEMF’s have many proven stress-reducing effects. Daily use of PEMF’s help alleviate the negative effects that stresses have on our body and mind.

Bone healing

PEMF’s have been found to assist in repairing bones, whether they are damaged by surgery, injury or disease, and have been found to improve bone regeneration such as occurs with osteoporosis and osteopenia.

All body repair processes

Inflammation, injuries, sprains, bruising, wound healing, muscle stiffness, pain, sports recovery.

Experience PEMF in Global Health Clinics or at home!

Whether you need assistance with healing and rehabilitation, or you wish to reduce stress and anxiety, call in to have a relaxing PEMF Mat session.

In-clinic sessions range up to 24 mins.  Bulk session purchases available.

Alternatively, you can hire a PEMF Mat from us for only $100 a week. Call on (09) 488 0208 or email us for further info.


QRS is a blessing for mankind, from the infant to the will lead to a paradigm change in medicine.