Epigenetics Wellbeing Assessment EWA | Premium


Your 88 Day Optimised Wellness Plan Removes the Guesswork with a Smart Personalised Epigenetics, Lifestyle and Nutritional Program.

Quick – Convenient – High Tech – Affordable.

Can now be done from home, with postal and online consultations! Exclusive to New Zealand and available nationwide.

You get 1 written report + initial 45-minute specialist consultation + 2x 15-minute follow ups.

We create your personalised wellbeing, immunity, and nutritional program using only 4-8 strands of hair with follicles. This will help you to optimise your busy lifestyle with prioritised nutrients, digest your food optimally, circulate your nutrients effectively and manage your daily stress.

Purchase a program and we will provide your plan either online or in one of our registered clinics. For online programs we will send you a postal kit to collect your hair sample, you return this, and we run a high-tech scan to determine your epigenetics. Then you will receive your 88 Day Optimised Wellness Plan with in-person or online consultations to help explain your report and guide you through your action plan.

  • We assess you for vitamins, amino acids, optimal nutrition, toxins and radiation, antioxidants, pathogens (parasites and viruses), microbial balance, minerals, essential fatty acids and electrical sensitivity or EMF Interference from cell phones, Wi-Fi and plenty more across 9 wellbeing factors.
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We help empower you to master your own wellbeing and destiny.

Your personal epigenetic indicators can be conveniently mapped for you with only 4-8 strands of hair, using our FDA approved Bio Information Processor.

You get a comprehensive health and wellbeing report along with a 45-minute phone consultation explaining the key priorities in your program. This is based on your test results, compared with your personal questionnaire so you can maximise the benefits and streamline your epigenetics on a pathway to optimal health and wellbeing.

Hair is an amazing, almost indestructible biomarker. It stores a lot of personal information at a quantum epigenetic level as well as the basic biochemicals which are prolific in your follicles. Your hair samples are digitally processed and sent via a secure internet connection to our technology centre in Germany.

Our powerful super-computer systems map the relevancy of the epigenetic information. Over 800 key wellness indicators are graded and prioritized into the report with easy to read charts and tables for your 88 day optimal wellbeing and immunity plan.

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