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Immunolume PRO is a new, dynamic, light-activated detox supplement produced in New Zealand. Driven by over 18 years of charity driven research its sole purpose is to help people recover and flourish, thus reaching and maintaining optimal health and longevity.

Immunolume PRO is a combination of the words Immunity, (the capacity to resist harmful micro-organisms) and Lumen, (light). P.R.O. stands for Prevention, Regeneration and O for cellular Oxidation, (the powerful process of cell renewal).

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Immunolume PRO is made from highly concentrated spirulina chlorophyll, which is extracted and concentrated through a special patented recipe in Dr. Reshetnickov’s laboratory in Moscow.  The high water soluble chlorophyll concentration makes it unique to any other chlorophyll product in the world.  This powerful trademarked raw material of immunolume PRO is called Water soluble Chlorophyll or AWSC.  It is so concentrated that only 0.5 mg is present in every capsule. As you can read in the “Medicine of Light” a liquid version is intravenously used in Russia since 2014 as a registered cancer medicine.
The power of this product lies in the fact that it has the ability to systematically target inflamed areas in the body, leaving healthy cells untouched, and destroying them through cellular photosynthesis, activated by the bodies own electromagnetic forces, and sunlight at a skin deep level.  Very similar to the effect of autophagy set in motion through fasting, the body detoxes unwanted cells and pathogens speeding up the natural process of regeneration and therefore also literally working as an anti-ageing agent.
It has been shown to work wonders on resetting the immune system of patients with auto-immune problems, especially where the skin is affected as sunlight can help activated the product in the inflamed areas of the skin where it accumulates over the month the patient is taking the product.
The reconmended preventative upkeep dose is 2-4 caps / day for 30 days, (equivalent to 1-2 bottles / month), to be repeated every 6 or 12 months.
When dealing with an auto-immune problem or other chronic ailment we recommend anywhere from 6+caps / day for a month followed by a two month interval and then a repeated or increased dose until the issue is resolved, at which time a preventative dose is taken. ( Never take without the two month interval to prevent over stimulating the immune system.)
When  dealing with an auto-immune issue or other chronic ailment we highly recommend the use of the lapsed 650nm infrared therapeutic devise, ( watch ) for 30-60 mins / day to help activate the product on a deeper level.  Exercise, infra red saunas, UV sun beds and regular (safe) sunbathing also help enhance the health benefits of this powerful immune system reboot supplement.
Remember to take into account that the product accumulates in the bloodstream over the course of the month it is being taken.  However its health benefits continue for unto a month.  Infant most of the benefits will be optimal in the 3rd moth after taking.  Where as the patient may, (this is highly unusual but has been reported) experience a healing crisis during the second week of taking the product.


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