Are you battling a difficult health, performance, emotional or relationship problem?

Are you experiencing sustained inner conflict or conflict with others?

Are you feeling traumatised by some experience (current or past) you just can’t get over?

Are you sabotaging your relationships, healing or progress in life?

Do you want to get to the bottom of your problem rather than just another bandaid cover-up?

Then this powerful, natural and intuitive process may be the right one for you.

EFT works quickly and safely to help you target exactly what’s bothering you. It releases all the associated tensions and conflicts so you feel calmer and clearer, so you find new insights, possibilities and solutions opening up. EFT aims for the roots of any problems so they don’t keep happening again and again.

EFT often has some bonus positive side effects – improved energy, health, recovery, mental clarity, relationships, enjoyment of life, freedom of choice, and more courage in the face of challenges. You can also learn some basic EFT strategies for yourself during consultations which will help you manage day to day stresses and problems, creating more self-awareness, confidence and resilience.

What do world leading healing and transformational experts think of EFT?

“EFT produces great healing benefits.”  Deepak Chopra, MD, Author, Mind body spirit Expert

“Put away your scepticism, this really works. I have … had great results with tapping in my own life.”  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Author of ‘Wishes Fulfilled’

“Have you tried Tapping? I truly believe that it is a wonderful and life-changing tool…that can truly heal, allowing forgiveness, love, and acceptance into your life.”  Louise Hay, author ‘You Can Heal Your Life’

“I have been Tapping for years and have found it to be a pivotal tool in creating the life of my dreams. This information is essential if you want to live your best life!”  Jack Canfield, Co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and one of the stars in “The Secret”

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How EFT works

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) works by having you keep your problem in mind while you relax your entire mind-body system by gently tapping with your fingers on a series of relaxation points on your face and body. It can feel a bit silly and weird at first, and most people get over that feeling fast when they experience how quickly it works for them.

Problems are approached gently and respectfully, at a pace appropriate for you. The problem is broken down into manageable chunks and worked with bit by bit until the entire problem is neutralised. You may be surprised by how little time this process takes. Often similar or associated problems lose their ‘sting’ through this process allowing you to get over a number of problems at once.

ken 3You don’t need to know where the problem comes from or even what has caused it for EFT to bring relief. Some problems are a bit like a jigsaw where you can see all the pieces but can’t see how they fit or what to do with them at first, others are more like layers of an onion where you can’t even see the next piece until you’ve dealt with the layer on top. Figuring out the process is my job and I’ll take care of that – I’m the expert in EFT and you’re the expert in you and together we’ll find resolution.

During a consultation, we’ll have a conversation and identify what you need to work with, and then we will focus and tap together until the problem is resolved. You may be surprised by how simple and relatively effortless the process is, or how your problem may be affecting many areas of your life that you were unaware of, and how profound your results are. Even intense and long standing problems can be addressed efficiently and effectively with EFT.

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Client results:

“I was so anxious at my first appointment I could hardly look at Liz, much less talk. She made it easy for me to relax and get comfortable with her, and I found myself talking freely to her about an experience I’d never told anyone about. By the end of the session I felt much calmer and like there was finally hope for me getting over this.”

Meredith, sexual abuse survivor


“I was really struggling to get a new business up and running and couldn’t understand why – I was an experienced businessman and this should have been a piece of cake. Liz identified some previous life and business experiences that were contributing to my fear and self-doubt. I must have cried at every session for a few weeks, but in the end I understood why I had been sabotaging myself and was able to move forwards and create an even more expanded successful business. I was amazed at how quickly it all came together in such a short time.”

Andrew, entrepreneur


“I was struggling with pain from a knee injury. The doctor said there was no physical reason they could find for my pain, the original injury was healed, and I felt desperate as I wasn’t able to train for upcoming competitions. Liz took me back through the accident and neutralised some fear, anger and resentment I had and unbelievably the pain disappeared in one session never to return. I’d no idea emotions could cause that kind of physical pain!”

Jenny, cyclist


At each session you will have the opportunity to learn more about how to use EFT for yourself at home and how to target problems for the best results. You can also attend a workshop to learn more about how to use EFT for yourself for many common problems.