Are you suffering in some way? Are you open to a targeted spiritual healing conversation, to allow love to flow and heal what hurts in your mind, heart, body and spirit?

Optimal healing is a new form of spiritual healing to address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain. It involves you gently focusing on the problem for short periods of time with regular reviews to notice changes. While it is spiritual in nature, you do not have to agree to or hold any particular beliefs or philosophies.

“I felt really stuck regarding my business. I couldn’t seem to make progress towards getting it off the ground. Sitting in Optimal with Liz, I recognised the roots of some of my fears that were holding me back. I’ve since found it easy to take the practical steps I needed to put my business and marketing plan into action.” Shirley, music tutor

Optimal is different from the other techniques I use in that it is something I do internally while you are in a quietly attentive state. It is often experienced as a soft gentle time (though strong feelings or memories may surface) with profound shifts in experience and healing, with little in the way of negative side effects. Being a fairly recent development it is still experimental in nature and thus client must take full responsibility for themselves during this practice.

While optimal healing can be used for oneself by oneself, it often has more profound results when practiced with another or within a group setting.

“While participating in a group optimal experience, I developed a familiar pain in my ear, which became quite pronounced. As the session progressed, a painful memory came to mind regarding the death of my newborn child many years prior. After we worked through the memory with optimal, I realised my tinnitus had gone. It had started shortly after my baby died, and I had never connected the two, and we hadn’t targeted the tinnitus during the session, only the ear pain. I can now think of our son with love and peace.” Sandra (real name withheld for privacy)

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