Welcome to one of Auckland’s largest and scientifically most advanced natural health centres, with 15 experienced practitioners offering a wide range of health assessment and treatment options.




From Bioresonance to BodyTalk, Ozone spas to massage, from Naturopathy to Osteopathy, injury treatments to nutritional plans, relationship issues to lifestyle management, you will definitely find something to suit the health and wellbeing needs of yourself and your family.

We know that to deal with illness, one has to address the causes as well as the symptoms. And we understand that health is not just absence of disease. We therefore offer programs – whether you are healthy or have health issues – that care for you on all levels of your being; physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.


We offer you a wide range of questionnaires and assessment tools to assess and analyse recommended Vitamins, Minerals, Hormone rebalancing, Stress Levels, Toxins & Environmental influences and much more.

We offer you an exploration into optimum health, vitality, positive wellbeing and your full human potential. Come and experience what leading-edge 21st century healthcare has to offer.
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