John Coombs helps you find smart solutions to improve your health, especially relating to chronic or adrenal fatigue and low immunity. He helps you plan and implement a practical wellness program in cooperation with the other Global Health practitioners. A wellness program will usually involve a more mindful lifestyle and healthy nutritional adjustments which lead to long term positive health outcomes and greater personal confidence.

For proactive health and wellness Book with John for an initial Cell Wellbeing Assessment  The assessment provides us with detailed information on vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, pathogens and much more which helps us guide you towards practical changes to your diet, nutritional supplementation and healthy habits. You receive an easy to read report by email and a printed executive summary with your recommended priorities. Recommended treatments will often involve proven adrenal fatigue supplementation, ozone therapy, gut health solutions, mindfulness and stress relief.

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For more informations about John, visit the Global Health Show TV serie.


John especially focuses on the mental and emotional stress relating to anxiety and chronic or adrenal fatigue the 21 Century stress syndrome. If ignored fatigue often leads to more serious or chronic immune conditions, with physical, mental and emotional repercussions. The autonomic system under stress sends blood from your organs and hormones to your hands and feet for flight and fight. This obviously leads to many problems if this happens frequently as it does with chronic stress conditions or burn out.

He works closely with the other specialists at Global Health Clinics helping to guide you in choosing the practitioners most suitable for your current needs.

He will try and ensure your program is practical, stress free and aligned with your budget and agreed timelines.

John produced the television series The Global Health Show which features world authorities Dr Bruce Lipton PhD and Dr James Wilson describes in 10 episodes many of the highlights of what is offered by Global Health Clinics and covers some of the science and principles behind Holistic Health.

Brief Bio

John has spent many years researching and working with well being, yoga and quantum sciences, including metaphysics. His interest has been the subtle energy systems and mental faculties which influence our health, productivity and creativity. This research has focused on consciousness, mind body medicine, epigenetics, energy medicine and energy psychology, subtle streams of yoga and morphogenetics or 100th monkey outcomes.

John has a deep interest in how consciousness and wise decisions affect performance, including vitality, general and mental health, immunity as well as how well-being leads to much more profound personal contributions to society and civilisation.

Medical biologist Dr Bruce Lipton’s award winning science book, Biology of Belief, describes epigenetics, including the influence of the mind in health and how the environment affects cellular biology much more profoundly than does genetics. Dr Bruce Lipton’s practical research on cell biology and the science of epigenetics influences John’s work at Global Health Clinics and many of the health and wellness programs at the clinic.

Features of the Mind Body influence on the cost and effectiveness of wellness

The new sciences Epigenetics and Morphogenetics contribute important developments for new cost effective and long term Wellness solutions, especially involving features like intentional placebo. This science also applies in reducing the “nocebo” effect or what was often called pointing the bone, where a diagnosis can trigger a profound deteriorating cascade of disease or hopelessness and vulnerability.

Independent scientific research shows that people regularly heal using placebo even when they are conscious they are taking a placebo. John helps encourage or teaches clients to use mindfulness creatively for optimal health.

Placebo has been an effective health solution at virtually no cost for more than 30% of people in research programs. At Global Health Clinics we aim to help a bigger percentage of our clients to benefit from this type of positive mind body influence.

Conversely Nocebo or believing you will be unwell has the opposite effect on well-being and is a big factor in the degradation of many people’s health or hope. At Global Health Clinics we try to consciously reduce the nocebo effect with numerous good results over recent years.
Medical funds can then be allocated to lifestyle benefits, a wider spectrum of well-being education and for broader environmental benefits, both personally and socially.

Global Health Clinics procedures integrate the ancient quantum sciences behind Yoga – Ayurveda, Taoist – Chinese Medicine and various forms of early Western medicine practiced by great spiritual teachers and practical healers with contemporary developments in quantum biology and physics. Mind body and energy medicine has enabled big leaps forward to help you with cost effective practical health care.


The modern field of psycho-neuro-immunology which involves consciously engaging our mind and positive attitudes to improve health outcomes will play a major role in future health programs. It is a modern term for practices which schools of yoga have taught over many years. Research demonstrates this has improved both longevity and quality of life for numerous people throughout history.

Stress is recognized in medical circles as contributing to up to 80% of disease. If we can manage our lives by reducing extreme stressors and  managing our daily stress more constructively we natural improve our quality of life, our happiness, our relationships and our productivity.

John works with the team at Global Health Clinics to coach and facilitate these qualities of health outcomes using combinations of modern evidential science and proven ancient healing systems.

Which service or product stood out for you? Why did it stand out for you?

“John, with the herbal medicines he is giving me pretty much. That’s boosted my energy levels unbelievable. I lay concrete, that’s a really physical job and before I come up here… let’s say it like this, I would lay in 10 pegs and I would be out of breath and now I can lay 50 pegs and I am still going hard. I’ve been doing it for 30 years so that’s is really good.” Barry Andersen, 2018.

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