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HOCATT™ Testimonial    

I think the value for money is very good.

I have mainly been doing the HOCATT, and I was just not sure what to expect. I do a lot of running and my running times and miles are getting better. It has very much so improved. I have done marathons and I do train from anywhere like 40 to 80 km a week.

I actually didn’t think that it would work this well. I first thought ‘what the hell is this’.

I keep a really tight understanding of what goes into my body and exactly what I do every day. The only thing I have changed really is the HOCATT, and my running has improved from it. I can run at a faster pace over a longer period of time.

I come from Ponsonby, so that is really nice and fast, only 8 minutes.

I have recommended Global Health Clinics to friends.

– A. W., Ponsonby June 2018

The HOCATT Ozone System Is Revolutionary
Enabling the healing of a dental issue that dentists across NZ would solve by extracting the tooth. Thanks to Global Health Clinics I have saved a tooth and I feel more healthy and full of energy 3 moths on. Every kiwi needs to learn that there is an alternative to the modern dental tradition, you can heal and keep your teeth. If your dentist says you should have a tooth extracted go to Global Health Clinics instead.

– Chris Le Breton, GM of Peace Foundation, Auckland February 2017


Ajna Lights – Unbelievable, Better Than Chemical Therapy
Bio Photonic Light Therapy is absolutely amazing! It’s the best thing I have done. Unbelievable! It’s better than chemical therapy. It’s keeping me going. Thank you so much.
Long term patient with brain tumour.

– Brent, Auckland February 2016


Chronic Pain Relief After 3 Years of Continuous Pain
The Day after the Session
Today I have felt an uncommon ease…a very welcome place to be in!
For the first time in 3 years I am not in PAIN.  I am aware of the area but there is an ease and the deep loud ache and the intense high pitched burning are not present. I am feeling immense Gratitude right now. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Valee!

– Jamala Smyth, November 2016


Chronic Pain Relief and Improved Sleep

For many years now I have had problems with interrupted sleep.

  • Most nights waking at least once by pain in my lower back and hips which could only be relieved with a walk around the house and on a bad night’s pain relief.
  • I also found that after sitting for any length of time at work I would then have pain and stiffness in my hips on rising.

After just a few sessions with Valee I am now pain free in my hips and lower back and getting much needed sleep most nights. I am also having no problems at work with hip pain anymore.

I am also finding I now have more energy to move especially on weekends which used to be mostly taken up with catching up on sleep.

– Susan Clark, November 2016


Surgery Scar Pain Relief.

Scars can seriously restrict and have a drag on normal tissues and organs if not addressed. Valee achieved great things in the couple of sessions that I have had with her.
I have a hip that used to get very painful periodically and I was having a very bad run when I went to see Valee. Within a couple of treatments I was walking completely normally and pain free and could even stand on one leg which I realised I had not really been able to do for a long time.
I had tried many different treatments at different times but I really rate Valee’s approach.  I love that she has a wide range of methods that she can use and has the wisdom and experience to know what is best for a particular situation. Thank you Valee!!

– Tracy D. October 2016


Foot Pain

A lady came to visit Valee with pain that she had had for over a year in her left foot after she had had an injury.  The pain was around 7-8/10. Along with other work, Valee released the tissues between the bones of her foot and used compression technique over the areas of pain. After the first session the pain was down considerably.  I was shocked as I had had no idea that pain could be relieved so fast and wouldn’t have waited a whole year before getting help.

– Name disclosed, October 2016


Dear John and Liz,
I could not believe my ears and eyes when I discovered your show on Face TV and guest speakers like Dr Bruce Lipton!!
My God, what ‘lamestream’ is missing!!��
Thanks for the great interviews! How I could relate to the adrenal story in particular. My sister has now Morbus Addison’s as they never could figure out what was wrong with her and I went on a similar journey with endless useless doctors visits and toxic and totally wrong pills.
I will recommend your show wherever I can!
Please never stop fighting for us!
You are heroes even though I know you will laugh it off��!

– Dana  Mignon
(July 2016)


I went to Global Health Clinics and tried the HOCATT Ozone Spa. After a few sessions I felt relaxed and I felt like I did something good for my entire body. I also had an appointment with Tyrone. He is really competent and his treatment had positive effects for wellbeing. The other Practitioners are also very friendly and there is a good atmosphere in the clinic to stay/get healthy.


Love the HOCATT ozone spa/ sauna machine. Feels really good after my first treatment, excellent service, friendly doctors. What HOCATT does is it helps me to feel lighter, get rid of my migraine and detoxify my body also helps my skin to become hydrated again!! Recommended. Definitely worth the price!

– Witchuda Khamkaew (from Facebook)


Hi John,

Greetings from Fiji. I just want to let you know that I am feeling really well and have been paying attention to my health.

Thank you again for your care for me while I was there. I gratefully benefitted from the experience and glad I had the opportunity to have this treatment at Global Health Clinics.

Mary Cairns
Fiji Islands


All practitioners we saw had good rapport with us. Explanation of each situation was very clear. There was clear understanding of what we were after and to find a solution to best fix the problems at hand.

John Coombs is very, very helpful, empathetic and intuitive to our situation, with trying to resolve our problems.

I would totally recommend Global Health Clinics to any of my friends/family to come to resolve any of their health issues.

– Viv & Steve Shaw
(August 2015)



John Coombs is helpful, friendly, down to earth and informative.

Global Health Clinics has been nothing short of amazing. Their facilities are good and easy to access, waiting room very relaxing and the staff friendly and welcoming. Their approach to the cost of treatment has given me peace of mind. This clinic is worth more than any money could buy.

–  Melody & Joan Burge (Christchurch)
(August 2015)


Dear Bruce

I have found your treatment to be exceptionally effective. After a fall where I bumped my head and for six months suffered persistent headaches, vertigo and nausea, I was amazed to receive relief from your first treatment. Follow -up appointments confirmed this improvement. I have no hesitation recommending you to anyone with similar problems.

Marilyn S
December 2014


How fortunate we are to have this dynamic team of practitioners at the Global Health Clinics in Takapuna. My experience began through my mother, who was in the very latter stages of cancer. In observing the skills of the practitioners, the remarkable effects that happened, really opened my eyes to the resources for healing and aligning a persons’ body to its optimal state in all the compositions of mind, body and spirit. The scientific background brings significance to all these aspects, giving you a clear picture of your progress, and the next step to your goals. There is so much need to find this knowledge, and use it for quality and longevity of life, with the many increasing health concerns throughout the world in everyday lives.

I couldn’t wait to start this process, and now my friends and extended family are also benefiting from seeing the practitioners, empowering us with control over our health and lifestyles. You really deserve to have glowing vitality, and the team at Global Health Clinics does a great service for this international community.