Global Health Clinics offers effective personal wellness programs using  cutting edge technology with excellent value. Whether you are healthy and wanting more energy and vitality, or if you have chronic fatigue or serious health concerns, we have the experience and expertise to help.

We have practical solutions for you, regardless of your existing health status. We create programs that care for people of all ages and on all levels of wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. For truly effective health benefits, we offer you optimum vitality, positive well being and an exploration into your full human potential.  Treating the cause not just the symptom, we utilise contemporary technology and the latest personalised methods honouring the individuality and greatness of your being.  

Wellness Services Manager

It’s our ongoing quest to provide you with the best value and excellence in holistic care. Our Wellness Services Manager, John Coombs, is here to help you reach and maintain your primary health goals.

John will help provide you with real value and long term benefits with your holistic care, especially if you are seeing more than one therapist, inside or outside our clinic, and when you are trying to juggle between natural and allopathic services. He will help with important health and lifestyle decisions, including choosing ideal practitioners for your circumstances, finding healthy products and services whilst also improving your relationship with your practitioners whether here at Global or elsewhere.

John will help you through his immense experience and ensure quality service and value.

For more information or to book time with a practitioner please follow the links below or use the Menu.

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