A lot of development is going on during Adolescence. All the physical, psychological changes can be very difficult to deal with. Here at Global Health we have a full range of services and practitioners helping with any issue occurring during this transitional stage.


Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis   

Discover which daily nutritional and environmental factors are impacting on your body’s cells through the Cell Wellbeing Hair Screening and Environmental analysis. The report provides detailed information that can guide you with changes to your diet, nutrition and lifestyle.We can find out what causes your allergies and find a suitable treatment program for you.

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Get to the root cause of your health problems and listen to your body’s symptoms instead of silencing them with medication. Our onsite Naturopath will help you to create a suitable treatment plan tackling your diagnosis or health issue in a holistic way.

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Multiple Brain Therapy

Our onsite practitioner will help you to bring your heart, brain and gut intelligences into alignment. Helping you to become your authentic self. Helps with solving conflicts between thoughts, feelings and actions, decision making, understanding why you can’t stop unwanted behaviours and reconnects you with your inner self.

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You don’t want your child to eat the often unhealthy options offered in school and want tips on healthy school lunches or guide your child to become a healthy eater? Our onsite nutritionists will help formulate a nutrition plan     personalised to your needs, giving you guiding support and advice.

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Life can be challenging as a teenager with lots of issues they often don’t want to talk about with their parents. Our onsite counsellors offer a safe place to turn to. A chance to open up, become aware of any emotion or struggle they are going through and find solutions to cope.

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Especially during puberty, relationships to family members and peers are very important and get tested. Our onsite relationship experts will help you to get to the core of any issue, become clear of what is important in your relationship, to understand your needs, wants and boundaries, how to lovingly communicate, and to set new patterns for a happy and fulfilling relationship. Also guiding you to be supportive parents and guideline setting educators at the same time.

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Help reprogram subconscious programming, or to build confidence in any with hypnosis. It will help to break bad or unwanted habits and thus help your child to have an easier way through the teenage years. Stop smoking, sugar addiction, anxiety, depression, Asthma or nail biting are only a few examples of issues occurring during Adolescence that our hypnotherapist can help you with.

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Stress Management   

School can put young adults under a lot of pressure and stress holds them back from performing their best. Let alone causing health issues in the future. On the other hand, parents can be stressed out by the behaviour of their child or responsibility. Learn how to manage your stress in any teenage situation.

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Other Relevant Health Issues to Adolescence

Allergies                                         Mental Health

Asthma                                           Quit Smoking

Confidence Issues                        Skin

Depression/Fear/Phobia             Weight Loss

Headaches/Migraines                    Anger Management




Childrens Health



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