Anger is often assumed to be a negative emotion that we should not feel or express. However it is very healthy and natural to express emotions and everyone does so in different ways. Aggressiveness, arguments that turn into loud fights or getting enraged easily driving your car are only a few signs that you express anger in a very intense way that can affect your relationships and quality of life. Here at Global Health we offer a wide range of services and practitioners to help and encourage you to express your anger in different healthy ways.


Emotional Release       

The emotional peace process easily and gently releases the emotions stored in the body that have been created  through stress, difficulty or traumatic experiences and unease. Your extreme anger expression might be the symptom of the latter.

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Stop aggressive behaviour and regulate your anger in any situation by reprogramming your subconsciousness.  Hypnosis will help you to be more relaxed in and manage your temper.

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Let Yoga and Meditation help you to be more relaxed, in tune with your body and your emotions. Learn how to give your mind a break and how do deal with arising anger in future situations.

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It works quickly and safely to help you target exactly what’s bothering you. It releases all the associated tensions and conflicts so you feel calmer and clearer, so you find new insights, possibilities and solutions opening up. EFT aims for the roots of any problems so they don’t keep happening again and again. You will have more control over your anger.

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Are your relationships suffering under your anger expression? Our onsite practitioners can help with solving any relationship issue and better communication between the parties. Learn strategies on how to clear any occurring conflict without shouting or violence and get support from your loved ones.


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