Are you feeling stressed or experience anxiety? Here at Global Health we offer a wide range of services and practitioners that will help you to manage these feelings in a healthy way, improving your quality of life and wellbeing.


Stress Management

Nowadays, prolonged negative stress is almost inevitable causing a large number of health issues. Our practitioners will find a suitable program for you that will help you manage stressful and anxiety causing situations.

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Craniosacral Therapy

Does your Craniosacral System work properly? If not, it can worsen symptoms including stress and anxiety.Get it functioning and you will be relieved healthier.

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Help reprogram subconscious programming, or to build confidence with hypnosis. It will help you to manage stress and anxiety in any envisioned situation.

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PEMF Magnetic Mat

Enhance your overall body performance and energy by recharging your body’s energy system. Helps to relax, improves sleep and relieves pain.

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Relaxes the full body and nervous system, dissolves blocked energy, activates blood flow and improves sleep. Let our practitioners take away your stress in no time choosing the right massage for your needs.

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A simple but powerful cutting edge technique that activates the body’s ability to heal on all levels. It combines many holistic healing techniques like tapping, neuroscience, biomedicine, and osteopathic and acupuncture theory. Get instant transformation and deep long lasting effects by combining mind, body and spirit and thus connecting to your true inner self. Relieving you from stress and anxiety.

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Encourages the body’s own healing processes, physically, mentally and emotionally. Massaging feet, hands and ears triggers pressure points that are connected through the whole body. Enhance your overall well being and relieve stress and anxiety.

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Let Yoga and Meditation help you to be more relaxed, in tune with your body and improve sleep as well as overall well being.

Learn how to give your mind

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Holographic Kinetics

Do you suffer from post traumatic stress? Let our onsite practitioner help you to clear the trauma of events, thoughts and emotions which become locked in Spirit through time. Relieve yourself with kinetic energy!

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Talking about mental health problems of any kind or getting to the cause of what disrupts your sleep patterns can be very beneficial. Our onsite counselors offer a safe place to turn to and will help you find strategies to overcome these issues.

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Multiple Brain Therapy

Our onsite practitioner will help you to bring your heart,

brain and gut intelligences into alignment. Helping you to become your authentic self. Helps with solving conflicts between thoughts, feelings and actions, decision making, understanding why you can’t stop unwanted behaviours and reconnects you with your inner self.

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Trauma Release

Take the initial assessment that provides insight into what

may be behind your stress, anxiety and trauma, and  we will create a plan for your recovery including some steps you can take for immediate relief.


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Biophotonic Light Therapy

Reduce Stress, Re Energise body, mind and soul, feel calmer, have better sleep and many more benefits by activating brain chemistry.

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Hocatt Spa Ozone Sauna

Besides all the other great health benefits this Ozone treatment has to offer, it will destress and relax the body,  improve sleep patterns and well being and boosts energy levels.

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Adrenal Fatigue Assessment     

Is your stress causing an adrenal problem? Take our questionnaire and the assessment to find out. Our onsite practitioners will find the perfect program and supplementation for you to evolve into your healthy, high performing, energetic self.

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This relatively painless treatment restores the energy balance in the body and stimulates its own healing process by triggering acupuncture points with needle insertion. (Fear of needles: alternative laser or acupressure treatment available)

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BioField Viewer

The world’s latest non-invasive energy assessing technology  detects physical and emotional disturbances in the human energy field. Congestion, low energy areas or energy blocks at the chakra (energy centers) level can be objectively detected, and their links to the physical body and emotional body interpreted. Finding where your stress and anxiety builds up.

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