Organic Rejuvenating Facial (a real TREAT!)

Facial can be combined with hand, feet and head massage or a full body massage.

  • Deeply hydrating, nourishing and therapeutic organic products
  • Activates the blood flow, improves and rejuvenates the skin tone
  • Relaxes the body and nervous system
  • Takes away the stress in no time

Abhyang-Ayur Massage (relaxing full body ayurvedic massage)

  • calms the nervous system, brings deep relaxation and induces sound sleep
  • detoxifies and purifies the body due to the stimulation of lymphatic system
  • soothes joint problems and arthritis
  • reduces the stress level & leaves you deeply relaxed and regenerated

Kundalini Aur Massage (invigorating back, neck & head massage)

  • this intensive massage is for the back, neck, shoulder and head
  • it gives a deep relaxation along the spinal cord, energises the whole body-mind system and dissolves blocked energy
  • relaxes the nervous system

Conscious Energy Touch

Conscious Energy Touch is a combination of my experience in Reiki, Ayurvedic Massage and Feldenkrais Method. All these Elements are consciously blended while tuning in with the person’s present state of body and mind in that particular moment of time. This loving and respectful touch makes it possible to let go of psychological, emotional and physical tensions and activate self healing powers of this amazing human body-mind system

Breath and Body Awareness

Breath is the Key to Life and we usually breath very shallow. With correct and deep breathing we can transform ourselves. In this session I offer a breath work combined with warm oil massage. This helps to open up your breath to the fullest and allows you to breathe deeply from your Hara or Solar Plexus (stomach and lower abdomen area). Stress levels are drastically reduced and inner space and peace is felt, skin texture is improved, inner organs are massaged which helps them to function at an optimum level. And it creates a body awareness which helps you to be in tune with your body and mind and thus feel the harmony.


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