Whatever your relationship issues may be, here at Global Health we offer a full range of services and practitioners to help you build the loving relationships that you deserve. Let us guide you to a fulfilled and happy life including relationships that are not only loving but nourishing, supporting and lifting.




Receive guidance to get to the core of any issues and help you to gently and effectively clear current and past hurts.Become clear of what is important in your relationship, to understand your needs, wants and boundaries, what your love language is, how to lovingly communicate, and to set new patterns for a happy and fulfilling relationship.

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Do you feel unsatisfied and frustrated in your relationships? Are your relationships dominated by miscommunication and stress? Or are do you simply seem to attract always the wrong people, not being able to build long lasting relationships?

Let our onsite counselor help you to understand why you feel the way you do and put strategies in place that will enable you to actively do something about it.

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Let Yoga and Meditation help you to be more relaxed, in tune with your body and improve mental clarity as well as overall wellbeing. It will help you become clear of your needs and what you want from a relationship.

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Multiple Brain Therapy

Our onsite practitioner will help you to bring your heart,brain and gut intelligences into alignment. Helping you to become your authentic self. Helps with solving conflicts between thoughts, feelings and actions, decision making, understanding why you can’t stop unwanted behaviours and reconnects you with your inner self.

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EFT Tapping

EFT works quickly and safely to help you target exactly what’s bothering you. It releases all the associated tensions and conflicts so you feel calmer and clearer, so you find new insights, possibilities and solutions opening up. EFT aims for the roots of any problems so they don’t keep happening again and again.

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