Lacking confidence in any situation can hold you back from achieving your goals and reduce your quality of life. Global Health as a full range of services and practitioners to help you build up and strengthen your confidence.



Help reprogram subconscious programming  to build confidence with hypnosis. It will make you confident in any situation you want to.

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Do you have fears and anxieties that cause you to be less confident you would like to talk about? Talking about it can make upcoming situations less scary and help to be more confident. Find strategies and exercises to help you be more confident in any situation.       

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EFT Tapping       

EFT works quickly and safely to help you target exactly what’s bothering you. It releases all the associated tensions and conflicts so you feel calmer and clearer, so you find new insights, possibilities and solutions opening up. EFT aims for the roots of any problems so they don’t keep happening again and again.

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