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Thyroflex Thyroid Function Test

Thyroflex is a new technology for testing thyroid function; that is over 85% accurate, and gives immediate test results. Benefits of Thyroflex Test:
– Test for ‘Hyperthyroid’ or Hypo-Thyroid’
– Treatment plan provided

When to book for Thyroflex test?
– If you are feeling tired and sluggish
– Muscle cramps or weak muscles
– Sleeping more than usual
– Low libido or impotence
– Poor memory
– Over-weight
– Puffy hands and feet

Demonstration of the Thyroflex test:

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Download questionnaire here for an initial indication of your thyroid and adrenal status and bring with you for your appointment.

Thyroflex Thyroid Assessment ($120)

VLA/Thyroflex combo($150): Thyroid check + Test for biological age and ideal weight (muscle, fat and hydration) 

Cell-Bioprofiler/Thyroflex combo($240): Thyroid check + Hair follicle assessment for Vitamins, Minerals, Food and food additives, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Toxins, Radiation 


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