There are many symptoms that are fundamentally a hormone and thyroid functioning problem. Global Health has a full range of services and practitioners to assess and improve your hormonal and thyroid health. Guiding you into a healthier future with 


Thyroid Thyroflex Function Test

Test for ‘Hyperthyroid’ or Hypothyroid’, immediate Test results, Treatment plan provided with professional guidance

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Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis

Discover which daily nutritional and environmental factors are impacting on your body’s cells through the Cell Wellbeing Hair Screening and Environmental analysis. The report provides detailed information that can guide you with changes to your diet, nutrition and lifestyle. We can find out what causes your allergies and find a suitable treatment program for you.

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Get to the root cause of your health problems and listen to your body’s symptoms instead of silencing them with medication. Our onsite Naturopath will help you to create a suitable treatment plan tackling your diagnosis or health issue in a holistic way.

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Hormone Assessment

Find out if you have a hormone imbalance and see how this affects your body and overall health and wellbeing. It might be the cause of some of the health issues you are experiencing. Based on your results we will create a personalised treatment plan to rebalance your hormones.

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Our onsite Nutritionist will help you get your hormones and thyroid working properly again with  dietary changes and a personalised nutrition plan leading you to better health and wellbeing.

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Biophotonic Light Therapy

Reduce Stress, Re Energise body, mind and soul, feel calmer, have better sleep and many more benefits by activating brain chemistry and releasing positive hormones.

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Encourages the body’s own healing processes, physically, mentally and emotionally. Massaging feet, hands and ears triggers pressure points that are connected through the whole body. Enhance your overall well being and balance your hormones.

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